Pete Yorn "June" SOTD

“June” by Pete Yorn

Hello June. Hello again. As is tradition, I’m listening to Pete Yorn’s song “June” on June 1st. I have to. It’s almost required now. And anyways, “June” has always been one of my favorite Pete-songs.

Back in 2015, on that June 1st, I wrote a poem inspired by this song, and by the month of June and the onset of summer. In 2016, I did some touch-ups and edits to it. I’m revisiting it again today, June 1, 2021. Maybe this will become a June 1st tradition, too.

"June" by Pete Yorn Song Of The Day
“June” by Pete Yorn – from the album, musicforthemorningafter (2001)

“Pots and pans are indestructible.
How do you respect your room?
If you hadn’t gone tomorrow,
you could have stayed on ’til June.”

“June” by Pete Yorn
from the album, musicforthemorningafter (2001)
Song Of The Day – June 1, 2021

Hello, June
by me

June again
with all her numbers
to tear off,
We stand frozen,
miles stretching

This isn’t starting
just a jumble of days
an end beginning
with all her inconsistents
showing skin

the day rises
blistering above the palm tree sway
they bow before us

I think they know our secrets now

(even those little ones
that we pretend to ignore
maybe those ones

I still want it
my body lying naked
feet bare
even with the city burning
I’d scorch my skin
to be back there again

But for now
we stay the course
for now
we stay long gone
except when I hear it
the lilt and the sizzle
the clatter and bang

(our song)

It rings in my ears
as the numbers start from the beginning
another June oder

We keep fading
wetting our lips
with the gloom of the sun

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