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“West Coast” by Coconut Records

Alright, so the magic song-to-song Spotify Radio selector took us from Rilo Kiley yesterday, to Coconut Records today – with the song, “West Coast”.

I first heard “West Coast” on an episode of the TV Series “The OC”. The music from that series was one of the best parts about it, in my opinion. At the time, it led me to discover many new-to-me artists and bands – most notably, Death Cab For Cutie, which is due to one of the lead actors, Adam Brody’s, love of the band and strong urging that his character, Seth Cohen, love them, too.

This song, and the band Coconut Records, was also of one of those music discoveries.

“West Coast” by Coconut Records – from the album, Nighttiming (2007)

“And if you shake her heart enough she will appear.
Tonight I think I’ll be stayin’ here.”

“West Coast” by Coconut Records
Song Of The Day
May 11, 2021

“West Coast” is track two on Coconut Records’ 2007 debut album, Nighttiming. The album was originally released as a digital download. It was produced by Mike Einziger of the band Incubus, and is the product of Jason Schwartzman, who wrote all of the songs and played the majority of the instruments on the album.

Different artists contributed the album and songs. “West Coast” features Benjamin Einziger of the band Agent Sparks (and brother of Mike Einziger), Branda Colonna and Brother Jack Elder. (source: Wikipedia)

Nighttiming (2007) by Coconut Records

“West Coast” feels like a “coming back”/”coming home” song to me, or at least a song full of desire to come back.

The lyric, “I wish you would’ve put yourself in my suitcase” is brilliant, and delivers the emotional heft of a long-distance relationship, and all of the leaving it entails, perfectly. It holds that feeling of the miles apart, and of the long, lingering phone calls heavy with “wish you were here” sentiment. It’s the stuff of airport goodbyes where the tug of war of “wish you’d stay” and “wish you’d come with me” take place. Or, as the lyric sings, “I wish you would’ve put yourself in my suitcase.”

The lyric, “I talk out loud like you’re still around” feels like the aftermath of a loss, or at least of separation. It elicits that “missing someone in the middle of the night” feeling, when it’s too late to call, or maybe you can’t call that person at all anymore, no matter what the time.

Can you hear that sting of longing in it?

"West Coast" SOTD

“West Coast” is also one of those songs about California that I like to collect. A favorite one, for sure.


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