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“Go Ahead” by Rilo Kiley

Last week I started with a song/artist, and for every following day I took the last song and started a “Spotify Radio Station” and then chose the next song up for that next day’s Song Of The Day. It was fun to see where the music led me, so I’m going to do it again.

Starting with a song from this week’s Spotify Daily Mix 1, “Go Ahead” by Rilo Kiley, from their 2001 album, Take Offs and Landings.

The first song I ever heard by Rilo Kiley was “It’s a Hit”, the first track off their 2004 album, More Adventurous. It was on a mix CD that a friend had made for me. I was immediately taken by Jenny Lewis’ voice, the catchy indie-pop vibes the song gave off, and the societal commentary/intelligent/pointed lyrics. I kept starting the song over, and over, and over. I knew then I had to hear more.

And more I definitely did hear. I became a huge fan of Rilo Kiley, and later of Jenny Lewis’ solo work. I even got into Nice As Fuck, a little side project that Jenny did. I even saw them live, as one of the opening acts.

I’ve got to see Rilo Kiley live once, at the Santa Monica Civic Auditorium. I’ve seen Jenny a few times, too, and really, really, really hope to see her again in the post-pandemic, we get to see live music again future.

I’ve written a lot about Rilo Kiley, and Jenny Lewis, here at lyriquediscorde – including this Top Ten list of my favorite Rilo Kiley songs, at least what were my favorites in 2013 – I should probably do a revisit/update sometime soon.

Today’s song, “Go Ahead”, is the opening track off of Take Offs and Landings. I’ve always had a thing for opening tracks.

“Go Ahead” by Rilo Kiley – from the album, Take Offs and Landings (2001)

“If you want to hold on to the first girl that you meet,
or if you want to settle down and plant roses at my feet,
go ahead.
I wish you would.
Go ahead.”

Rilo Kiley "Go Ahead" Song Of The Day
Rilo Kiley

Take Offs and Landings was Rilo Kiley’s debut full-length studio album. It was originally released in 2001 under the vanity label, “Rilo Records”, then shortly thereafter on the independent label, Barsuk Records. (source: Wikipedia)

“Go Ahead” is a stripped down, simple way to open an album. Jenny’s voice, and the strum of an acoustic guitar. It’s intimate, confessional, bittersweet (maybe a little more bitter, than sweet), and very much a taste of what would come later with Rilo Kiley’s music – and especially of Jenny Lewis albums. This track could easily have slipped into Rabbit Fur Coat, Jenny’s first solo album that she recorded with The Watson Twins. It has that feel, don’t you think?

There’s a real “I’m letting you go” sentiment to the song, though it also feels like it is a sentiment following someone who has already left/already let the singer go. Maybe that’s where the more bitter than sweet that I pick up comes from.

We’ve all been there though. Convincing ourselves we are letting go, and are better off without whomever has left us and broken our heart.

This line/lyric especially speaks/sings to the more bitter than the sweet I’m talking about:

“If you want to have your cake and eat it too.
Or if you want to have other people watch you while you eat it.
Go ahead.”

Jenny Lewis


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