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“Ladyfingers” by Luscious Jackson

Finishing the first “work-week” of May with another song-to-song Spotify radio selection. Yesterday’s Sleater-Kinney lead me to Luscious Jackson’s song, “Ladyfingers”. Wow, I’d forgotten this song, this band, this album. Nice to reunite with Luscious Jackson on an early Friday afternoon.

Natural Ingredients (1994) was my first introduction to Luscious Jackson. I wore that album out. Loved it from the “Intro” start to the “LP Retreat” end. Electric Honey (1999) was more of a grower to me, but I ended up growing to love it big-big-big.

Today, I’m playing “Ladyfingers” loud and dancing around my kitchen to it, enjoying the reminder of how much I’ve missed this song, and Luscious Jackson.

“Ladyfingers” by Luscious Jackson – from the album, Electric Honey (1999)

“If you need me to be sweet,
then I can give you what you need.
’cause I know you never came first, baby.
I’m so tired of my guns and my vanity.
I’d like to trade them in for some sanity.
And I know it didn’t come too easy.
It didn’t come easy to me either.
From the freezer to believer in love.”

“Ladyfingers” was the lead single for Electric Honey, Luscious Jackson’s third studio album. Th e song was written and co-produced by lead singer, Jill Cunniff. It peaked at #28 on the Billboard Alternative chart, in 1999. (source: Wikipedia)

Did you know that both Emmylou Harris and Debbie Harry sing back-up on the Electric Honey album? And Daniel Lanois adds some guitar? What dreamy collaborations went on with this album – and song.

One of the things I love best about this song, and Luscious Jackson’s music, is the mix and mash-up of music sounds and styles. Soul, Funk, Electronic, Rap, Hip-Hop, Indie Rock. Little add-on’s of sampling. Their music sounds like the city – New York City, to be precise – or at least how I imagine New York City to be like (someday I will get there).

“Ladyfingers” is a softer side of the streetwise sound prevalent in other songs. It has a sultriness to it, and a sweetness offered to someone you are falling in love with (and want to maybe fall into bed with, too). At least that’s how I’ve always taken this song.

I wonder where Luscious Jackson will take us to, for Saturday’s Song Of The Day? Tune in tomorrow to find out along with me.

Any guesses?


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