Give Me Five...Featuring Kele

Give Me Five…Featuring Kele

I woke up today feeling more myself than I have in months, maybe longer. It actually started last night, while watching the Tina Turner documentary, and feeling those music-induced prickles course through my body as she sang. I haven’t been feeling music like that in awhile, all side effects from not feeling okay/from being depressed/from breaking down. But, I felt it then, and I woke up feeling music even more. I’ve also been feeling everything else – loud and strong – which is helping me find my way back to me. I have more energy, too. More creative motivation. Plot bunnies are hop-hop-hopping inside my guts and I’m itching to write, create, make things.

Here are today’s Give Me Five songs that are giving me the feels . I’m so grateful for the feels.

Give Me Five – April 19, 2021

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Song 1: “Smalltown Boy” by Kele

Kele "Smalltown Boy" GMF
“Smalltown Boy” by Kele – from the single (2021)

“Mother will never understand why you had to leave.
But, the answers you seek will never be found at home.
The love that you need will never be found at home.”

I adored the original, by Bronski Beat, back when it was first released. It was one of those big-feelings songs that always made me cry. I rediscovered the original recently while watching the series “It’s a Sin”, and yes, with the context and how much the show made me remember/relate/FEEL, the song was back to making me cry again.

I’ve been a fan of Kele since he was the lead singer of Bloc Party. “This Modern Love” is one of my all-time favorite songs. I have been following Kele’s solo work for a few years now, ever since I stumbled on his 2010 solo album, The Boxer.

Kele’s cover of “Smalltown Boy” is making me cry and giving me those all over music-chills today – BIG TIME. I love the Trip-Hop feel to the song, How it is both stark and vast, all at once. It works in such a gorgeous, heartbreaking way.

I love good covers and I love new music discoveries. This is hitting two of my loves today.

To hear more of Kele, and to support his music, go here.

Song 2: “Proud Of Me” by Mahalia, featuring Little Simz

Mahalia featuring Little Simz "Proud Of Me" GMF
“Proud of Me” by Mahalia, featuring Little Simz – from the single (2018)

“So, I looked to the stars,
found an acoustic guitar,
started learning.
Wrote a couple songs and,
people heard them –
Now they sing along.”

I’ve been digging Little Simz music ever since I heard one of her songs on the series I Will Destroy You, last year. I happened on this track of Mahalia’s, featuring Little Simz, yesterday and have been hitting replay quite a bit – ever since.

I love the chill vibe it has, the poppy/r&b/electronica sensibilities. I love the story in the song. I love Mahalia and Little Simz’ voices together.

To hear more from Mahalia, and to help support her music, go here.

To hear more from Little Simz, and to help support her music, go here.

Mahalia" Proud Of Me" GMF - Song 2
Little Simz "Proud Of Me" GMF - Song 3
Little Simz

Song 3: “Spanish Doors” by Liz Phair

“Spanish Doors” by Liz Phair – from the upcoming album, Soberish (2021)

“I don’t wanna talk about it,
’cause talking ’bout it makes me sad.
Why would I agree to something like that?
Pushing past the table,
spilling my drink.
Locked up in the bathroom,
staring at the sink.
I don’t wanna see anybody I know.
I don’t wanna be anywhere.
That you and I used to go.”

I am so excited for Liz Phair’s new album.

I hope, once it safe-for-shows, she tours so I can finally see her play live.

To hear more from Liz, and to help support her music, go here.

Song 4: “Pictures of Flowers” by Jess Williamson and Hand Habits

“Pictures of Flowers” by Jess Williamson, featuring Hand Habits – from the single (2020)

“If it’s the end of Los Angeles,
guess I’m not gonna be a star.
If it’s the end of travelin’.
Where are we gonna sing and play guitar?”

I am super obsessed with this song today. It was on my weekly Spotify Discover Playlist, and I was immediately drawn in. A song about Los Angeles. Yes. A sound that reminds me of Mazzy Star and Cowboy Junkie. Yes and yes.

I seriously can’t get enough of this song.

To hear more from Jess Williamson, and to help support her music, go here.

To hear more from Hand Habits, and to help support the music, go here.

Jess Williamson
Hand Habits "Pictures of Flowers" GMF - Song 4
Hand Habits

Song 5: “Hot & Heavy” by Lucy Dacus

Lucy Dacus "Hot & Heavy" GMF
“Hot & Heavy” by Lucy Dacus – from the single (2021)

“Being back here makes me hot in the face,
hot blood in my pulsing veins,
heavy memories weighing on my brain.
Hot and heavy in the basement of your parents’ place.
You used to be so sweet.
Now you’re a firecracker on a crowded street.
Couldn’t look away even if I wanted –
Try to walk away but I come back to the start.”

I woke up with Lucy Dacus’ new song in my head. It fit in with a dream I’d had. Memory heavy and vivid. Like a firecracker of memory. Yes. Yes. Yes.

Like with Liz, I’m so excited for Lucy Dacus’ new album…and I hope I get to see her play live sometime in the near-ish future.

To hear more of Lucy, and to help support her music, go here.

Lucy Dacus "Hot & Heavy" GMF - Song 5


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