Give Me Five...Featuring The Pretenders

Give Me Five…Featuring The Pretenders

Its a bit of a gloomy Monday, though I’m trying to keep my mood on the other side of gloomy. The day started out promising, though my anxiety took a nosedive a few hours in, flooding my body with racing, stressy, ick feelings that I’ve been struggling to shake. I did some yoga. I walked around outside in the gloom. And now, I’m playing music to help soothe the frayed edges of me.

Sometimes music helps. Here’s hoping today is one of those “sometimes.”

Give Me Five – April 12, 2021

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Song 1: “Never Be Together” by The Pretenders

Pretenders "Never Be Together" GMF
“Never Be Together” by The Pretenders – from the album, Alone (2016)

“Resting on some cinemas and taxis,
walking through the city hand in hand.
Those are things for lovers, only lovers,
do you understand?”

While I made coffee and fed cats (early morning routine) I had ear buds in with music playing. This was the first song to play. Sometimes when music is playing directly into my ears, with no other noise interrupting, I take in the music deeper, noticing sounds, tones, lyrics even more than usual. That was my early morning experience with this song today.

It was Chrissie’s voice that was blowing me away. I mean, I’ve always loved her voice, especially since it is in a range I can sing-a-long to well. But, her voice in this song, I found myself falling in music-love with it. Also, the bass. Together with Chrissie’s voice was just stunning.

This song may be moving into “My Top Ten Favorite Pretenders Songs.”

If you want to hear more of The Pretenders, and if you’d like to help support their music, go here.

The Pretenders "Never Be Together" GMF - Song 1

Song 2 – “Seventeen” by Sharon Van Etten, featuring Norah Jones

Sharon Van Etten Norah Jones Seventeen GMF Song 2
“Seventeen” by Sharon Van Etten, featuring Norah Jones – from the single (2020)

“Down beneath the ashes and the stone,
sure of what I’ve lived and have known.
I see you so uncomfortably alone.
I wish I could show you how much you’ve grown.”

Oh my stars, I love this version so much.

I’m a fan of both artists, and I already loved Sharon’s original version of “Seventeen” (it’s appeared in many a past playlist). But, this version…wow. LOVE LOVE LOVE.

To hear more from Sharon Van Etten, and to help support her music, go here.

To hear more from Norah Jones, and to help support her music, go here.

Sharon Van Etten featuring Norah Jones "Seventeen" GMF - Song 2

Song 3: “Everything Is Free” (Recorded at Spotify version) , by Father John Misty

Father John Misty "Everything Is Free" (Recorded at Spotify version) GMA
“Everything Is Free” (Recorded at Spotify version) , by Father John Misty – from the Spotify Sessions (2018)

“Every day I wake up,
hummin’ a song.
But I don’t need to run around,
I just stay home,
and sing a little love song.
My love,
to myself.
If there’s something that you want to hear,
you can sing it yourself.”

You know how it goes, a cover song just needs to be in the mix. I discovered this cover of Gillian Welch, that Father John Misty did during recorded sessions at Spotify, and I was overwhelmed with emotions. I ended up in tears while listening, and I’m in tears again, listening to it now – as I write this.

This version is overflowing with emotion.

If you want to hear more of Father John Misty, or if you want to support his music, go here.

Song 4: “Heaven” (2005 Remastered version) by Talking Heads

“Heaven” (2005 Remastered version) by Talking Heads – originally from the album, Fear Of Music (1979)

Heaven is a place.
A place where nothing.
Nothing ever happens.”

I’m pretty sure this is my favorite Talkin Heads song. I know for certain that Fear Of Music is my all-time favorite album of theirs. It is just so wonderful.

I woke up with this song in my head, so I needed to seek it out and listen today.

This is the 2005 Remastered version.

To hear more Talking Heads, and to support their music, go here.

Talking Heads "Heaven" GMF - Song 4

Song 5: “Held Down” by Laura Marling – from the album, Song For Our Daughter (2020)

Laura Marling "Held Down" GMF
“Held Down” by Laura Marling – from the album, For Our Daughter (2020)

“Think about now with my legs wrapped around you.
How many times before have you seen me run?”

I’ve been obsessed with Laura Marling’s music lately, and this song, especially, is hitting all those “You get me” feelings.

I can’t stop hitting repeat.

If you want to peruse, and hit play and listen to, my current Top Ten Laura Marling songs, click here.

To hear more of Laura Marling, and to help support her music, go here.

Laura Marling "Held Down" GMF - Song 5


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