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Songs About Flowers – Friday Five

April’s first Friday Theme is Flowers.

Songs about flowers.

There are so many I love, but here are my Top 5 choices for today.

What are your favorite flower-songs?

Friday Five - Songs About Flowers

Songs About Flowers – Friday Five

Song 1: “Flowers In December” by Mazzy Star

“Flowers In December (live) by Mazzy Star – originally from album, Among My Swan (1996)

“Send me your flowers of your December.
Send me your dreams of your candy wine.
I got just one thing I can’t give you.
Just one more thing of mine.”

Song 2: “Roses Grow” by Concrete Blonde

“Roses Grow” by Concrete Blonde – from the album, Free (1989)

“Up through the cracks,
up through the broken glass,
in the hot red light of a black and white –
Roses grow.”

Song 3: “Roses” by Pete Yorn

“Roses” by Pete Yorn – from the album, ArrangingTime (2016)

“It’s the roses in the water.
It’s the highlight of your night.
When the jasmine bloomed on Sunset Boulevard,
and we fell in love for the first time.”

Song 4: “All Flowers In Time Bend Toward the Sun” by Jeff Buckley and Elizabeth Fraser

“All Flowers In Time Bend Towards In Time” by Jeff Buckley and Elizabeth Fraser

“All flowers in time,
bend towards the sun.
I know you say that there’s no one for you,
but here is one.”

Song 5: “Faded Flowers” by Shriekback

“Faded Flowers” by Shriekback – from the album, Oil and Gold (1985)

“These eyes are blind.
This is a pure thing.
These hands I kiss.
Tragic as anything.
These eyes are blind.
This is a pure thing.
All splash and hiss.
Beyond my measuring.”

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