Give Me Five...Featuring Neneh Cherry

Give Me Five…Featuring Neneh Cherry

April is here. April 1st. A Loki day, a Trickster day, a day for fools. Well, I have a foolish heart, that I’ve always known. A hopeful-hopeless romantic, a bit of a catastrophe, a bit of a mess. But, I try. I love. I get back up again.

I play music loud. I obsess over it. I feel it in under my skin, in my bones, in my soul.

I’ve been up since way before the sun (I think I see it showing itself now). Music has been amazing this morning. I mean, I always love it, but for some reason this morning it is just alive and dancing through me. This morning I’m feeling every note, every line, every refrain.

It was hard to pick just five songs – but here they are, before I change my mind and mix them up differently.

Happy April. If this is a day for fools, let us be fools for love and music.

Give Me Five – April 1, 2021

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Song 1: “Woman” by Neneh Cherry

Neneh Cherry "Woman" GMF
“Woman” by Neneh Cherry – from the album, Man (1996)

“This is a woman’s world, this is my world.
This is a woman’s world, for this man’s girl.
There ain’t a woman in this world, not a woman or a girl.
That can’t deliver love, in a man’s world.”

I’ve been obsessing over this song for a few weeks now. I love the take on the song “It’s a Man’s, Man’s World”. I am delving deeper into Neneh’s music lately. I feel like she should have been/should be so much bigger than she’s been. Her voice, her music, her style. I’m digging it so much right now.

I think I’ve played this track at least three or four times a day for almost a month, and here I am again, at the start of April, playing it again.

I think this is the best song – for me – to start April with. Maybe its one of my mantras for the month, one of my themes.

Do yourself a favor, dig in to Neneh’s music – dig in for more than “Buffalo Stance” (though I do love that tune, too).

Neneh Cherry "Woman" GMF - Song 1

Song 2: “One More Second” by Matt Berninger

Matt Berninger "One More Second" GMF
“One More Second” by Matt Berninger – from the album, Serpentine Prison (2021)

“Give me one more year to get back on track.”

How many tears have I shed while listening to The National? To Matt Berninger’s voice? More than I can say.

How much did I need this album, right now, this year? More than I can say.

I’m falling hard for this song.

I love that there is a bit of Vegas in it, a bit of timelessness, a bit of old, a bit of new, and a whole lot of feelings I’m going through.

For more Matt, and to support, go here.

Matt Berninger "One More Second" GMF - Song 2

Song 3: “You Cause as Much Sorrow” by Sinéad O’Connor

SOC "Cause as Much Sorrow" GMF
“Cause as Much Sorrow” by Sinéad O’Connor – from the album, I Do Not Want What I Haven’t Got (1990)

“I never said I was tough.
That was everyone else.
So you’re a fool to attack me.
For the image that you built yourself.”

I stood outside this morning, before the sun came out, this song playing into my ears. I sang these lyrics into the dark sky and quiet street and felt it so deep in my soul I felt like I was both breaking and soaring.

It was more than a moment. I am still feeling it now.

For more Sinéad , go here.

SOC "You Cause as Much Sorrow" GMF - Song 3

Song 4: “Reason to Believe” by Vagabon, featuring Courtney Barnett

Vagabon featuring Courtney Barnett "Reason to Believe" GMF
Photo by Pooneh Ghana

“Reason to Believe” by Vagabon, featuring Courtney Barnett – from the Single (2021)

“If I listened long enough to you,
I’d find a way to believe that it’s all true.”

It wouldn’t be me without a cover song, now would it?

Here’s a really lovely one that I’m floating around in this morning.

Do you like it, too?

Want more Vagabon? Want to support the music more? Go here. And for more Courtney, and to support – go here.

Vagabon featuring Courtney Barnett "Reason to Believe" GMF - Song 4
Photo by Pooneh Ghana

Song 5: “Spring Breathes” by Diane Coffee

Diane Coffee "Spring Breathes" GMF
Photo by Alexa Viscius
“Spring Breathes” by Diane Coffee – from the album, Everybody’s a Good Dog (2015)

“Would you stay if I was leaving?
On the road, another season.
Hard for me to see your reason.”

How have I never heard this song before?

I’m so into the Beach Boys/Pet Sounds vibes here, and the Diana Ross “Do You Know Where You’re Going To?” feeling, and maybe a little Carpenters, too?

And the name – Diane Coffee – TWIN PEAKS FEELS OVER HERE.

This feels like the perfect first day of April song, don’t you think?

I need to hear more Diane Coffee, ASAP.

For more, and to support, go here.

Diane Coffee "Spring Breathes" GMF - Song 5

What are your first day of April songs?

What is your current favorite cover song?

The cover art for this month’s Give Me Five playlist is from one of my favorite artists, Caia Koopman – go here to support her art – she even has masks and coloring books, and so much more!


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