Give Me Five…featuring Tierra Whack

What a day yesterday was. I woke with so much hope, buckets of it, and then the world went crazy on all of us. I don’t even know what to say except for this – what we think and what we say, to ourselves and to others, matters and I am trying so hard to manifest hope and happiness. So, today I’m wearing my “coffee and kindness” tank top and trying to stick to just that – coffee and kindness.

Oh, and music.

“Peppers and Onions” by Tierra Whack – from the single, “Peppers and Onions” (2020)

“I don’t wanna be judged,
I just wanna be me.”

When anxiety hits, when negative thoughts and defeated hopes overwhelm me, sometimes turning up the music and dancing helps. This is my go-to today to dance to. Tierra is an artist my younger daughter introduced me to. I encountered her again watching “Insecure”. I keep coming back to her music…turning it up…and dancing.

To listen and help support Tierra Whack’s music, click here.

Being With You” by that dog. – from the album, Retreat From the Sun (1997)

“I sit with emptiness waiting for your call.
Will you still love me after the fall?
An open phone line,
but I still hit your walls.
And it’s just like being with you.”

Sometimes its fun to go back in time and dig in to an album you haven’t really listened to in years. It is “Throwback Thursday” after all, so why not turn the calendar back to 1997 (2021 isn’t starting off that great anyway) and listen to some that dog. Remember them?

Did you know they had an album come out in 2019? I didn’t – but I’m on it now, and am going to give it a listen next.

Learn more about what that dog. has been doing since the ’90s, and help support them, and their music, by clicking here.

“All Right, Yeah” by Juliana Hatfield – from the album, Weird (2019)

“Turn it up all over,
as high as it can get.
Spray perfume on my sternum,
it mixes with my sweat.”

Juliana Hatfield makes everything better. Especially turned up as high as it can get.

Listen and help support her and her music by click-click-clicking here.

Crucify” by Tori Amos – from the album, Little Earthquakes (1992)

“I’ve been looking for a savior in these dirty streets.
Looking for a savior beneath these dirty sheets.
I’ve been raising up my hands,
drive another nail in.
.Just what god needs,
one more victim.”

Tori’s music, especially the first four albums, never cease to resonate with me. Whatever I’m feeling, whatever I’m struggling with, whatever I’m emotional about, there is a Tori song, or songs, that fit it. Today it’s this one.

To help support Tori, and her music, click here.

Harvest Moon” by Jeff Rosenstock and Laura Stevenson – from the album, Still Young (2019)

“When we were strangers,
I watched you from afar.
When we were lovers,
I loved you with all my heart.”

I’ve been on a big covers kick lately. This is a new find for me – found today on my Spotify Discover Weekly Playlist.

I love the original – and I’m digging this cover version, too.

To learn more about Jeff and Laura, and to listen and support their music, click here.

Check back frequently to see what 5 songs will be added next to the Give Me Five Playlist for January 2021. You can listen as it grows on Spotify and YouTube.

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