Give Me Five…featuring Nina Simone

Today I woke up way before the sun. 4AM and I was up and going, partially from falling asleep earlier than usual, partially because of weird and off-putting dreams I was having. Medical and surgical and although absurd, the dreams were terrifying. I’ve had a lot of “stress” narrative dreams lately. I’m trying to sort through where they are coming from.

I woke feeling better though. Had breakfast and coffee, read two chapters of a Joan Didion book I’m reading, worked out, and even had some time to relax before showering, getting dressed and starting my work-from-home day. I haven’t had the time I want this week to write, or to work on some projects I have lined up, but I’m trying to have grace with myself and not put too much pressure on all of it. I get easily caught up in schedules and time and starting fresh in the new year…but the truth is…everyday is a new day to change and/or start something new.

Like this post and these 5 songs.

“Isn’t It a Pity” by Nina Simone – from the album, Emergency Ward (1972)

“Isn’t it a pity, now isn’t it a shame?
How we break each other’s hearts,
and cause each other pain.”

Tied as my most favorite George Harrison song, I’m loving this recently discovered cover by Nina Simone. I love the piano and, of course, her voice. The blues in her rendition, her ad-libbing at the end, and the rawness and vulnerability in her version, is just perfect.

I love Nina.

Blues Run the Game” by Laura Marling – from the single,” Blues Run the Game” (2010)

“When I’m not drinkin’ honey,
you are on my mind.
When I’m not sleepin’ babe.
When I ain’t sleepin’ mama.
When I’m not sleepin’.
Well you know you’ll find me crying.”

I fell in love with the song “Blues Run the Game” last year in a big way. Another cover of it, by Headless Heroes was one of my most-played songs, in 2020. I recently discovered Laura’s cover of it and I’m in love with the song all over again.

Laura is one of my favorite singer-songwriters who I’ve written about and shared music from many times at lyriquediscorde.

To listen more and support Laura’s music, click here.

Photo by Lorne Thomson
Our House (Demo)” by Graham Nash – from the album, Over the Years (2018)

“Our house is a very, very, very fine house,
with two cats in the yard,
life used to be so hard –
now everything is easy ’cause of you.”

This new-to-me version is so lovely. I love the simplicity of it. How stripped down it is. Its so beautiful.

The song vividly reminds me of my childhood.

To hear more and support Graham Nash, click here.

“So Far Away” by Carole King – from the album, Tapestry (1971)

Another vivid memory-song from my childhood.

My favorite Carole King song of all-time. This one resonates with me so strongly, especially in these pandemic days when I miss my friends so much – all of them, they seem so far away, even the ones who are not miles away.

The song also reminds me of how it felt to be in a long-distance relationship.

To hear more, and support Carole King’s music, click here.

“Penny Lane” by The Beatles – from the album, Magical Mystery Tour (1967)

“Penny Lane is in my ears and in my eyes,
there beneath the blue suburban skies.”

And one more from my childhood.

As a young girl, this was my favorite Beatles song. It still is in my Top Ten.

I remember seeing a bus, in Liverpool, that said Penny Lane at the front top. It was one of those unbelievably blissful moments in life.

Check back frequently to see what 5 songs will be added next to the Give Me Five Playlist for January 2021. You can listen as it grows on Spotify and YouTube.


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