“Daydream” by M. Ward and Alia Farah

Working in advertising for as many years as I have makes one very jaded towards commercials (and resistant for years to watch “Mad Men” – I finally caved in). I’m the first one to tune advertisements out, pay extra to have “no ads” on streaming services, and make good use of the fast-forward button on the remote to speed past them. All that said, I must not be completely immune because this cover tune from M. Ward and Alia Farah, recorded for Stella Artois this past summer, has me spellbound.

Of course, I’d be remiss to not say that Stella has always been my favorite beer. So maybe Stella’s got good music taste, too.

“I’ve been having a sweet dream.
I’ve been dreaming since I woke up today.
It’s starving me and my sweet dream,
’cause she’s the one that make me feel this way.”

It’s catch and sunny and happy-feeling. Turning it up I can’t help but smile, and spin around my living room. The video (see above) is as joyful and fun as the cover version is. It features quite a few special guests who sing-a-long, and add some background vocals that I can’t help but wish were included in the recorded version released on Spotify. Regardless, I’m adding this one to my ever growing collection of cover songs – and will most certainly be including this in the first Summertime playlist I make, in 2021.

M. Ward
Alia Farah

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