Berlin Fenne Lily

“Berlin” by Fenne Lily

Today’s Song of the Day is the song “Berlin” by Fenne Lily. It is off of Fenne’s 2020 album, BREACH. I discovered the song on a Spotify themed playlist – Noir.

“And it’s not hard to be alone anymore,
though I’m sleeping with my key in the door.”

The song resonates with me, and seems all too relevant for the current pandemic life we are all living. Alone is the new (or not so new) normal as we all try to stay at home and social distance (or just plain distance). There is a loneliness that persists and a constant buzz of anxiety. I know we all feel it. I’m just hoping for things to get better. I don’t want things to return as they were before, no, I want them to be different. Better.

Photo by Ben Brook

Fenne Lily is from Dorset (UK). She has been making music, and performing live, since she was 16 – when she played in and around Bristol (UK). Her latest album, BREACH, was released in September of 2020 on Dead Oceans.

If you’d like to support Fenne’s music you can pick up music and merch here.

You may also want to check-out THE BATHTUB SHOW – 2 Seasons worth – the from her bathtub podcast/show she hosts on IG Live and YouTube.

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