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Neneh Cherry – Raw Like Sushi (1989)
Flashback Friday

1989. Theater Arts at community college. Record store job at Sam Goody. My first car (a Honda Civic hatchback, fading red paint, and lots of bumper stickers). Hollywood underground clubs a few times a week, with some West Hollywood not-so-underground clubs in-between (dancing was essential). Raw Like Sushi came out and “Buffalo Stance” was everything.

“Buffalo Stance”

I vividly remember playing it full blast in the store after close, playing it in my car, and while getting ready to go out in my bedroom. Neneh’s other songs from the album were big for me, too, though – especially “Heart”, “Manchild”, and “The Next Generation”. This was a go-to album for me.

Friday Flashback - Neneh Cherry

Over the years I feel like “Buffalo Stance” is the only Neneh I hear, or have even though to play. This morning I’ve been playing the entire album – on repeat – and it’s coming back to me how much I loved all of it. I’ve been missing out now listening to more than that one big hit. What a debut album this is.

Last year was Raw Like Sushi’s 30-year anniversary. 30 years? Damn. Listening today, I can definitely hear the late 80’s New York and Chicago house music influence, along with UK hip-hop sounds. I’d like to get one of these for my collection.


Last year the album got an Abbey Road remaster done on it, and a 3-CD box set was released. The box set includes some very keen Massive Attack remix of the song “Manchild” – one of my favorite tracks off the album.

“Manchild” (Massive Attack Remix)

Here’s something I just found that is pretty cool – Neneh performing “Buffalo Stance” last year in Glastonbury!

“Buffalo Stance” (live, 1989)

I’ve really loved re-discovering Neneh’s debut today, and am going to spend the rest of my afternoon diving in to her music that came after. Do you have any post-Raw Like Sushi Neneh songs or albums? Stay tuned for more on Neneh in future posts. I’m sure there will be more!


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