Give Me Five with Sampa The Great

I think it’s time to Give Me Five with another five songs I am playing and repeating this week. I’ve been especially hungry for new music, and rediscovered music, this week – devouring songs like I’ve been fasting for days. I can’t seem to get enough. Some songs have been discovered through a few shows I’ve been bingeing (HBO’s Insecure and I May Destroy You – recommend both), some have been through my younger daughter who shares her Playlist picks when we ride in the car together, and some have been songs that have sung themselves into my head, playing a mental rotation until I turn them on, turn them up, and sing, too.

My appetite is still here though, craving more. I’d love to hear about (and hear) what you are listening to lately, too.


art by Justin Copeland – check out his work and support if you can

Give Me Five – June 25, 2020

1) “OMG” by Sampa The Great
from the album, The Return (2019)

“God at its finest.
Wonder what optimum prime is?
Never underestimate your highness.
Dripped in melanin,
Galaxy’s finest.”

I started watching the HBO/BBC series I May Destroy You last night. One episode and I am already so in. The story, the characters, and the acting is fantastic – and the music is pretty phenomenal. I had to keep pausing and looking up the songs that were playing, throwing them into a “listen to later” playlist for myself. This was one of them.

Cheers for new music discoveries. I can’t wait to listen to more of Sampa The Great.

Sampa The Great Song 1

2) “Forever Mine” by Andra Day
from the album, Cheers To the Fall (2015)

“And I’m tired of the fine line,
I just want you to be,
be forever mine.”

Spotify put together another Your Summer Rewind Playlist and this song was on it. I had forgotten about it and was way glad for the reminder. It has that dreamy quality that reminds me of Summers’s past when it was more possible to ride to the beach with friends or have people over for potlucks and other get-togethers.

I hope next Summer those things will be possible again. Until then, I am taking this time to reconnect with myself and my family, LEARN, grow, do better, write, write, write, read, and listen to so much music.

Audra Day Give Me Five

3) “Living For the City” by Stevie Wonder
from the album, Innervisions (1973)

“His hair is long,
his feet are hard and gritty.
He spends his life walkin’ the streets of New York City.
He’s almost dead from breathin’ in air pollution.
He tried to vote but to him,
there’s no solution.

Living just enough,
just enough for the city.”

This song reminds me of my childhood, of riding in our blue Oldsmobile and my mom turning this track up louder, singing-a-long with it. I remember her playing it – and this album – in our living room, and I’d dance around to this, adding the clapping when it came up towards the end.

I listen to it now, and yes, I still want to dance, but I also think of how timeless – and timely – this song is. And how important.

Stevie Wonder Song 2

4) “Only Child” by Tierra Whack
from the single Only Child (2019)

“You must be the only child because you’re so stingy.
I just wanna go buck wild when you don’t defend me.
I been on the fuckin’ prowl,
I been countin’ Benjis.
You done turned my heart so cold,
I should work at Friendly’s.”

I heard this song, and Tierra Whack’s music, around this time last year. This was a song, and artist, my younger daughter played a lot in my car. I heard “Only Child” last night in I May Destroy You and it reminded me of last Summer and how much I’d enjoyed the song then – and how much I still dig it.

I’m glad for the reminder!

Tierra Whack

5) “With a Girl Like You” by Thao & The Get Down Stay Down
from the single, Holy Roller (2013)

“I just hope and pray that I’ll find a way to say,
‘can I dance with you?
Ba ba ba ba bah ba ba ba ba”

Oh my stars I love a good cover song. Don’t you?

This Troggs’ cover is from a new musical discovery of mine – Thao Nguyen. I feel like this song belongs in a Wes Anderson film, and in my next Playlist.

I love Thao’s dream pop/indie pop voice and vibe. It’s a little Camera Obscura/Belle And Sebastian to me. I dig it and can’t wait to hear more of her.

Thao Song 3

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