Ring, Ring

When I was a teenager one of my favorite things to do was talk on the phone. I would lie on my bedroom phone for ours with our rotary phone (we had a super long cord that could allow the phone to go into most rooms in the house) and talk to my best friends for hours, sometimes watching movies or MTV together, or talking about our favorite bands, or someone we had a crush on. We would talk about future plans or fantasy plans, or really just anything and nothing in particular. It drove my mother crazy. Her own friends would get greeted by a busy signal until we got “call waiting” – which I’ll admit I didn’t always go over to answer. It’s funny thinking back as I so rarely talk on the phone now. I miss it though. Texting is not the same, even though I’ve gotten so used to it that the idea of actually calling someone makes me anxious. Once I do though – on those rare occasions – I truly enjoy having an actual conversation.

I was thinking about phone memories today and thought about music, too (I’m kinda always thinking about music). I started coming up with songs about talking on the phone and as they came singing into my mind I thought “this would make a good Top 10 list”. As always, I came up with much more than 10, and as always it was a struggle to narrow the list down, but I did…so here it is…My Top 10 Phone Songs.

Ring Ring - Top 10 Phone Songs Header

Ring, Ring
My Top 10 Phone Songs

1) “The Telephone Always Rings” by Fun Boy Three
from the album, Fun Boy Three (1982)

“It must be wonderful to live like you do.
To have respect from everyone that you know.
To have surprises waiting outside your door.
When you come home to answer your telephone.”

Fun Boy Three

2) “Phone” by Lizzo
from the album, Coconut Oil (2016)

“Ooh, unlock that,
all up in my contacts.
Hoo, unlock that,
all up in my contacts.”



3) “Hanging On The Telephone” by Blondie
from the album, Parallel Lines (1978)

“I’m in the phone booth,
it’s the one across the hall.
If you don’t answer,
I’ll just ring it off the wall.
I know he’s there,
but I just had to call.”


4) “Telephone” by Lady Gaga and Beyonce
from the album, The Fame Monster (2009)

“Just a second,
it’s my favorite song they’re gonna play,
and I cannot text you with,
a drink in my hand, eh.
You shoulda made some plans with me,
you knew that I was free,
and now you won’t stop calling me –
I’m kinda busy.”



5) “867-5309/Jenny” by Tommy Tutone
from the album, Tommy Tutone-2 (1981)

“Jenny, don’t change your number,
I need to make you mine.”


6) “634-5789” by Wilson Pickett
from the album, The Exciting Wilson Pickett (1966)


“If you need a little lovin’,
call on me all right.
If you want a little huggin’,
call on me baby, mmmmmm.
Oh I’ll be right here at home.”



7) “Telephone Operator” by Pete Shelley
from the album, XL-1 (1983)

“Telephone operator,
you’re my aural stimulator
Telephone operator,
ne see’est pas la raison d’etre”


8) “Give Me One Reason” by Tracy Chapman
from the album, New Beginning (1995)

“Baby I got your number,
and I know that you got mine.
But you know that I called you,
I called too many times.
You can call me baby,
you can call me anytime.
You got to call me.”



9) “Beechwood 4-5789” by The Marvelettes
from the album, Playboy (1962)

“I’ve been waiting,
standing here so patiently,
for you to come over and have this dance with me.
And my number is Beechwood 4-5789.
You can call me up and have a date any old time.”


10) “Let’s Go Crazy” by Prince And The Revolution
from the album, Purple Rain (1984)

“If you don’t like,
the world you’re living in,
take a look around –
at least you got friends.
You see I called my old lady,
for a friendly word,
she picked up the phone,
dropped it on the floor –
ah, ah is all I heard.”



If you want to hear all 10 on Spotify – click here




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