“Here Comes The Sun” by Nina Simone

The sun shines bright through the kitchen window, it splatters rays across the diner table that is now my office and writing nook. Jack the succulent plant keeps me company. He soaks up the morning light voraciously. Sometimes its a bit much for me, the glare on my laptop screen, the shock of a new day beginning. But today it feels hopeful, warm, and full of possibility. I’m full of ideas to write which hasn’t happened for a while. And though I slept horribly, I feel creative energy (and a second cup of coffee) flowing through my veins.

I’m taking time for me this weekend. It is way overdue. My anxiety and overwhelming pressure from everything has taken a toll. I need some relief. I need a remedy. And though I usually feel selfish to take anything for me, I’m trying to remember that I’m no good for anyone else if I don’t take care of me sometimes, too. And honestly, doing everything for every is doing no one any good. No one appreciates it, or me. It becomes an expectation and I can feel the resentment growing in me, and I want none of it. I have no room in my skin for bad feelings. I have no fight in me anymore. Too many feelings have gone numb or gone away. Right now, I need relief, remedy, some healing, and some time for me.

The first song I heard today was an ode to that sunlight I mentioned. A cover of The Beatles’ well-known morning song. I love Nina Simone’s version. I love Nina. It feels like this song is celebrating what I’m choosing. Singing-a-long, I feel every word.

“Here Comes The Sun” by Nina Simone
from the album, Here Comes The Sun (1971)
Song Of The Day

“Here comes the sun.
Here comes the sun, and I say
it’s all right.”

Nina Simone Here Comes The Sun SOTD

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  1. Thank you so much for bit of sunshine from Nina. I have discovered artists looking through your archives, and really enjoy your posts. Keep sharing, your making the world better!

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