Silent All These Years - My Favorite Tori Amos

Silent All These Years – My Favorite Tori Amos

1992. The year that changed everything.

The music from that year will forever be a part of my DNA, my memory recall, my life soundtrack.

Little Earthquakes by Tori Amos came out in 1992. It hit the record stores days before my daughter was born, but it was actually the CD Single/EP for “Crucify” that I got my hands (and ears) on first. I’d caught Tori’s cover of Nirvana’s “Smells Like Teen Spirit” on KROQ about two weeks after my daughter was born. I remember going with one of my best friends to Tower Records to get it, cracking it open in the car, and playing it on repeat together.

He and I would later see Tori play together many times (I’ve lost track of how many times, I think). We considered her one of our mutual musical loves.

My Favorite Tori Amos

It didn’t take long for me to grab a copy of Little Earthquakes. I played it over and over, finding myself in so many of the songs. Tori’s sung-stories resonated deeply with me – the struggles, the pain, and the pleasures within them. As an ex-parochial school girl, a survivor of childhood abuse, and a rape that had happened two years prior; something I was struggling with. Half the time trying to get over it, the other half of the time trying to deny it ever happened.

Tori sang like a grown-up girl who was questioning religion, and who was full of confusion and silences that she was singing her way out of. I felt like the album was written just for me. I clung to it, sang-a-long to it, memorized it and found strength in it – strength enough to leave a bad relationship and take a hold of my life as a single mother, and as a twenty-something woman who was going to stay silent no longer.

Silent All These Years My Favorite Tori Amos

Tori and I would go on to do many things together. Her music would continue to be part of the soundtrack of my life. I sang-a-long to her songs while I tried to give it a go with my daughter’s father more than a few times. Her music held my hand through our eventual divorce and stayed there steadfast when I fell in love again. Two of her albums would come with me cross-country as I followed my heart and a man who I’d end up marrying, and have two children with – my other daughter, and son.

Tori would accompany me through long, sleepless nights while I dealt with his illness and his addictions, and eventual suicide. Her music would grieve with me through a miscarriage, through mistakes, and through moves from state-to-state. She was there singing while I battled my insecurities, my broken self-esteem, to continue to survive.

Tori and I would always survive.

Tori Amos My Favorite Songs

Tori was there filling up the good spaces, too, as well as the mundane. The trips to the grocery store, the late-night talks with good friends, and through those days that bled into nights when I couldn’t stop writing.

It all started with an EP full of covers.

Tori Amos and her musical magic in my life

The magic of her music is still with me. I think it always will be.

Right now, in these quarantine times, I need her music a whole lot. Some days are harder, some are easier. Music helps. Tori helps. Maybe her music helps you, too.

Here is a playlist of my favorite Tori Amos songs to help us through. Stay home and stay safe – and hopefully, sooner rather than later, we can turn this Playlist up while meeting up with friends, or driving towards a new adventure.

What are your favorites?

Silent All These Years My Favorite Tori Amos Header

Silent All These Years: My Favorite Tori Amos
A Playlist

Available to listen on Spotify and YouTube

“Raspberry Swirl”
“Precious Things”
“Hey Jupiter” (The Dakota Version)
“Silent All These Years”
“Pretty Good Year”
“Jackie’s Strength”
“Baker Baker”
“Northern Lad”
“Trouble’s Lament”
“Putting The Damage On”
“Amber Waves”
“Caught a Light Sneeze”
“Upside Down”
“A Sorta Fairytale”
“Gold Dust”
“Bells For Her”
“1000 Oceans”
“Frog On My Toe”
“Playboy Mommy”
“Smells Like Teen Spirit”
“Beauty Queen/Horses”

Silent All These Years – My Favorite Tori Amos

3 thoughts on “Silent All These Years – My Favorite Tori Amos

  1. What a playlist! She is one of the most underrated and underappreciated vocalists. My personal favorite is “Christmas in Space” on the Kevin and Bean’s lost Christmas cd. She hit that one into the stratosphere! Great post as always.

    1. Ooooh! I forgot about “Christmas In Space”!! I had that Kevin and Bean Christmas CD when it first came out…but its gone the way of lost things from life and moving.

      Thank you for the comment and the appreciation. She is one of my all-time favorites.

  2. I really like your blog! Was reading your post on Juliana Hatfield which is what brought me here. I saw her in 1995 in Chapel Hill and I follow her since 1994. But that’s another story that goes along with my throwing muses and belly story

    I got into Tori Amos in approximately 1999 it was right before to Venus and back came out but I immediately started obsessively collecting everything after watching her live with Alanis Morissette on tour. I had signed up to see Alanis I didn’t know anything about Tori. The minunr Tori hit the stage I knew that I would not remember Alanis after this show!

    I noticed that your list is top-heavy Scarlets Walk and before. That would be exactly like my favorites list. I just didn’t connect with later music as much.

    Merman would be in my top list.

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