Human League SOTD

“Mirror Man” by The Human League

Today was a rough one. Work stress, home stress. Everyone feeling a bit stir crazy, to say the least. This is the start of week three, and the emotional weight of it is taking its toll a bit on all of us. But, there has been a few highlights, a few moments of joy, and right here, with Today’s Song Of The Day playing, I’m going to type them all out – to share, to save, to remember on another day that will be rough in the future.

  1. Gardening. My younger daughter and I did some gardening today. We are not gardeners. We really have zero experience. But, we did our best. I watered all the beds while she weeded out the parasites that were growing around the plants and bushes. We trimmed back the burgeoning rose bush, and cleaned up some of the plants that had gotten unruly. We got our hands dirty. We got wet with the hose. We were outside in the sun and breeze and it helped.
  2. Cats. We took two of the three out for a walk. They have harnesses that they don’t hate too much. They love being outside but don’t love the harnesses. My son and older daughter took Clyde and Nia. Mostly they sniffed. A lot of sniffed. And then they’d plop down in a sunny spot. I think we enjoyed the experience more than them, or at least I think we needed it more.
  3. Morning workout with one of my favorite instructors. It was hard. It was really hard. But for that entire 30 minutes, I didn’t think about work or COVID 19 or being sheltered in. I didn’t worry about getting sick, or how long it will be until we can go somewhere, see our friends, see our other family. I didn’t worry about my kids and family and friends. All I did was concentrate on the movements. And sweat. A lot.
  4. Music. Always music. Especially this song today. I needed the boost of nostalgia and good feeling that ’80s New Wave always gifts me. Thank you, Human League.
  5. Marc Maron’s live Instagram posts. They seem to come around 3pm every day. Right when I need a boost. Today it was soup and talks about music. Cowboy Junkies. Bob Dylan.

What has made you feel better today?

The Human League Mirror Man SOTD

“Mirror Man” by The Human League
from the EP, Fascination (1983) and the Dare/Fascination Remaster (2012)
Song Of The Day

“You know I’ll change,
if change is what you require.
Your every wish,
your every dream, hope, desire.”

“Mirror Man” was released as a single in the UK on November 8, 1982, and peaked at #2 in the UK Singles Chart. It was written jointly by lead singer Philip Oakey with keyboard players Jo Callis and Ian Burden, and produced by Martin Rushent. (from Wikipedia)

This is my favorite song by The Human League. It is an instant feel-good feeling to me. It makes me dance and sing, and just feel really good. I love the Northern Soul sensibility the song exudes. The meet-up of New Wave and Northern Soul is delicious and makes you just HAVE TO DANCE.


Also, I have such hair envy right now. I’d love to cut mine in the style of Susan and Joanne. With no hair salons open right now, do you think I could pull off doing this myself? Hahaha. NO WAY.

For now, I’ll just dream about it – while I turn the music up and dance around my kitchen.


“Mirror Man” (Top Of The Pops, 1982) by The Human League

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  1. I don’t know if you ever saw the unofficial sequel to “Fast Times at Ridgemont High”, aka “The Wild Life” where they are playing this song. Thanks for the laugh,

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