Blurred Lines

Bloodlines and bribery,
simple breathing leaves a mark,
for those with heart-sleeves,
and memorized alibis.

His pulse quickens,
in today’s car-crash character study,
manipulations and manners (say please).
The director shakes her finger.

“Wear your very best regret around the collar.”
“Confess the latest on your knees.”

We’re all just tell-alls for the watercooler witch hunters

Word static
mouths hostage-taped
“Put the money in unmarked bags.”
“Run like hell.”

Still, the earth spins.
A dance of voices,
birth and death surround.


“Eyes On Fire” by Blue Foundation
from the album, Life Of a Ghost (2007)
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Jolene Lai art Blurred Lines poetry

Art by Jolene Lai

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