“The Golden State” by John Doe, with Eddie Vedder and Corin Tucker

I collect songs about Los Angeles and California. If you know any, love any, and/or have recorded any, please send them my way.

A (sorta) new Los Angeles/California song discovery is from two of my favorite artists, featuring someone I’m just now discovering – John Doe, Eddie Vedder, and (new discovery – or re-discovery) Corin Tucker (from Sleater-Kinney)- and “The Golden State”. What a heartfelt, give me chills love song. Today it brings tears to my eyes. I know I’m feeling emotional from all that is going on, and nostalgic, and full of longing to go out and do things, be in the world, and see all the people I have met and loved in my life.

“The Golden State” by John Doe, Eddie Vedder, and Corin Tucker
from The Golden State Single (2008)
Song of the Day

Have I mentioned I’ve had a crush on John Doe since the ’90s? Yes, yes I have. I mean he is pretty much the coolest, right? Pretty much forever.


Photos of John Doe by Autumn de Wilde

Paired up with Eddie Vedder and Corin from Sleater-Kinney?

Eddie and Corin SOTD

Yes. I am definitely here for this.

“The Golden State” (live) by John Doe, Eddie Vedder, and Corin Tucker

When this mess is all over I’m going to start a new feature here at lyriquediscorde.com called Los Angeles, I’m Yours, where I go around to some of my favorite places and write something about them, or inspired by them. I’ve left this place, and come back multiple times, but California and Los Angeles are forever my home – and we will survive this – and we will be stronger for it.

Today is day two of my personal new year, so I am making it a resolution – that California and Los Angeles will be okay. That me and my loved ones will be okay. That we will all be okay.

We are not alone in this. We are all here – in isolation – together.


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