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“Oh My Stars” by Andrew Belle

I just finished watching Season One of “Virgen River”, a Netflix show that my oldest daughter pointed out is one of my kind of things, meaning stories about small towns, especially people who are new to a small town. It was early this morning, first coffee kind of early, and she was saying she thinks we like stories about small towns because we’ve never lived in one. Third generation Los Angeles native (she’s fourth generation), and even when I’ve lived outside of LA its been in big cities, or suburbs around big cities. I think she’s on to something with me.

Part of me has always fantasized about living in a small town, much like a part of me is dreamy for a big family. I think my small-town dreams are part of why I love road trips so much, especially the kind that ake you in and through small towns across the country.

As much as I love Los Angeles (and I do, even when I don’t), I wonder if someday I’ll have my small-town living experience. Will I someday become new to a small town? If so, what will my story read like?

Virgin River
Virgin River, Season One

Andrew Belle’s song, “Oh My Stars”, played during the finale of the first season of Virgin River. It made me cry, and it made me smile. The tears were from the plot. The smile? It was from the song title and lyrics. “Oh My Stars” is something I’ve said most of my life. At first, as a child, I adopted it as an excited expletive, without the expletive. I used to not feel comfortable using curse words (blame it on parochial school and my Grandmother’s Christian sensibilities). Truth? I’m still not all that comfortable and I still like to say “Oh My Stars”.

So, “Oh My Stars” I loved the series, and “Oh My Stars”, I’m loving this song, too.

“Oh My Stars” by Andrew Belle
from the album, The Ladder (2010)
Song of the Day

“Oh my my,
oh my stars,
everything you see is ours.
Or it could be if you would try,
I wish you would,
I wish you might.
Oh, oh,
if everything you’ve said to me has been true,
then all my stars are leading me to you.
Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh.”

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