The Bangles More Than Meets The Eye SOTD

“More Than Meets The Eye” by The Bangles

In the mid-80s I was obsessed with two music genres – New Wave and Girl Groups. My record collection reflected my obsessions, as well as my bedroom walls. The two bands that I loved the most back then were Duran Duran and The Bangles. Duran Duran, well, besides loving the music, I music-crush-loved them and wanted to date them (Nick Rhodes specifically). The Bangles, on the other hand, was a different kind of love. Yes, I loved the music, but I also wanted to be part of the music. I wanted to be in a Girl Group. I wanted to be a Bangle.

I wanted to be either Susanna Hoffs (because I loved to sing) or Michael Steele (because she was tall like me, and had such COOL style). Or, you know, I was more than willing to be the 5th Bangle.

My first album of theirs was All Over The Place, and I wore the vinyl out from playing it over and over and over. One of my closest friends and I would play it while singing-a-long with the cliched hairbrush microphone. We’d also record ourselves singing some of the tracks on my double-cassette player. I wish I still had those tapes.

My favorite to sing-a-long to from All Over The Place? It was (and still is) a tie between “James”, and today’s Song Of The Day, “More Than Meets The Eye”.

“More Than Meets The Eye” by The Bangles
from the album, All Over The Place (1984)
Song Of The Day

“Seeing how changeable you feel.
Don’t think this happiness is real.
And it’s hard to justify,
the tangles you untie –
there’s more than meets the eye,
with this guy.”


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