Top 5 Music Obsessions featuring The Band Of Heathens

It’s Monday, so how about some Music Obsessions to get us through? Today’s Top 5 Music Obsessions are brought to you/me/us from an old playlist made at the start of a misguided romance, a song I stumbled on during a TV show binge, a keen Beatles cover that Spotify helped me discover, a track that found its way into a playlist I’m making for a story I’m trying to write, and a duet so dreamy that when I play it I wonder if I’m dreaming.

What songs are you obsessing over today?

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Top 5 Music Obsessions – January 20, 2020

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1. “Right Here With Me” by The Band Of Heathens
from the album, One Foot In The Ether (2009)

“I stretch the ties,
the ties that bind,
they holding in a double knot,
sometimes they get so tight.
It’s been so long,
since I been gone,
blue-eyed soul blowing in the wind a song of home.
Oh you should be,
so wild and free,
right here with me.”

Band of Heathens Song 1

2. “Call It Dreaming” by Iron and Wine
from the album, Beast Epic (2017)

“Say it’s here where our pieces fall in place.
Any rain softly kisses us on the face.
Any wind means we’re running.
We can sleep and see ’em coming.
Where we drift and call it dreaming.
We can weep and call it singing.”

Iron and Wine Song 2

3. “I Feel Fine” by Dog Party
from the album, Sings the Beatles (2019)

“Baby says she’s mine,
you know,
she tells me all the time,
you know,
she said so.
I’m in love with her and I feel fine.”

Dog Party

4. “Woman” by Cat Power and Lana Del Rey
Single (2018)

“If you know people who know me,
you might want them to speak,
to tell you ’bout the girl or the woman they know –
more than you think you know about me.”

Lana and Cat Power

5. “Heavenly” by Cigarettes After Sex
from the album, Cry (2019)

“Needing you now to come into me.
Feeling it slow,
over this dream.
Touch me with a kiss.
Feel me on your lips.”

Cigarettes After Sex Song 4

Top 5 Music Obsessions – January 2020

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