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Top 5 Music Obsessions featuring Vivian Girls

October is here. Two days in. I’m feeling it completely. Regardless of some struggles and frustrations lately, I’m just continuing to remind myself that this is my favorite time of year and that I can choose every day how to be, how to live, how to love, and how to be happy. I’m choosing happy right now – even when so many people and things around me are pushing me otherwise. I can decide how to take it all, and how to be. And hey, its October, my favorite month. I’m here, enjoying it, and following my bliss (as my grandmother used to say).

So let’s get into some music obsessions…

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Top 5 Music Obsessions – October 2, 2019

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The first thing on my mind today, in regards to music obsessing, is this…welcome back, Vivian Girls! A friend/fellow music obsessive clued me in on their return, and I’ve been obsessing over their new songs every since – especially today’s selection – “Sick”. I’m sick, in a good way, over it!

Next up is a song I woke up with in my head – “Rimbaud Eyes” by Dum Dum Girls. Oh my stars, this song is so good! Play this one LOUDLY, okay?

There’s never a day when I don’t want to hear Cocteau Twins. Never. But this time of year I especially want to hear them. Elizabeth Fraser’s voice mixes so well with the cooler weather, the shorter days, and the magic of Autumn, and October. “Heaven Or Las Vegas”? If Elizabeth is singing, it’s always heaven.

Brittany Howard’s “Stay High” is four of five songs I’m madly obsessed with today. I tripped and fell into this track. I’m so in love with Brittany Howard’s new album. So in love with it. Definitely an obsess-track (and album), so of course I had to add it to today’s Top 5.

Today’s last, but not least song is “Hometown” by Haley Bonar. I want to say I heard this while watching a TV show recently, or maybe playing on a Playlist someone made. I don’t quite remember. What I do know for sure is I love it, and can’t stop listening to it. So it definitely is one of today’s song obsessions.

What songs have you been obsessing over lately?

1. “Sick” by Vivian Girls
from the album, Memory (2019)

“Sick again.”

2. “Rimbaud Eyes” by Dum Dum Girls
from the album, Too True (2014)

“Truly, I have wept too much.
In the dawns are heart breakers.
Every moon is atrocious,
every sun bitter.
Sharp love has swollen me up!”

Dum Dum Girls Top 5 Music Obsession

3. “Heaven Or Las Vegas” by Cocteau Twins
from the album, Heaven Or Las Vegas (1990)

“Singing of a famous street.
I want to love,
I’ve all the wrong glory.
But is it Heaven or Las Vegas?”

Cocteau Twins Top 5 Music Obsessions

4. “Stay High” by Brittany Howard
from the album, Jaime (2019)

“I already feel like doing it again, honey.
‘Cause once you know,
then you know
And you don’t wanna go,
back to wherever it is you come from.”

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 5. “Hometown” by Haley Bonar
from the album, Impossible Dream (2016)

“Hometown goes wherever you go.”

Top 5 Music Obsessions – October 2019

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