King Princess and Fiona Apple Top 5 Music Obsessions

Top 5 Music Obsessions featuring King Princess and Fiona Apple

Today’s Top 5 Music Obsessions are moody and melancholic and marvelous sounding. Lots of m’s for a Monday that’s not a Monday but really a Tuesday. They fit perfectly with my moods today, which are a bit moody, a little melancholic, but also trying to be marvelous (or at least good), despite the stressors the day has dropped on me. I have things to look forward to. A movie date tonight (hopefully) if I can get my car sorted out in time. The opportunity to work from home and deal with said car issue. I’m sitting here at the bar/counter in my kitchen, so much natural light streaming in, Clyde the cat coming to visit, music playing, and breaks in-between to talk with my daughters and my boyfriend, who are all home today. I get to take occasional book-breaks, too – gifting me the chance to get a little further in the memoirs I’m reading.

All those m-mood songs have different sources. The first is from a playlist my oldest daughter and I were listening to while cooking together last night. I’d not heard this cover/collaboration of my favorite Fiona Apple song, featuring Fiona (along with King Princess), before. I’m super-obsessed with it right now. Next up is a Hatchie song I got obsessed with a few months ago and haven’t gotten un-obsessed with since. A Spotify Discovery Playlist song is today’s third track. It’s been ages since I’ve listened to FKA twigs. It was definitely time to get into another song of hers. New discovery Lala Lala is up next. Can’t get enough of this song right now, and then last, but definitely not least, another Lucy Dacus tune that is filling up my senses on this hot early September day.

Ready to listen? I’d love to hear what you think, and also what songs you are obsessing over lately.

Top 5 Music Obsessions – September 3, 2019

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1. “I Know” by King Princess and Fiona Apple
Rise Recording Single (2019)

Not available on YouTube

“And you can use my skin,
to bury secrets in,
and I will settle you down.”

Princess and Fiona Top 5 Song 1

2. “Without a Blush” by Hatchie
Single (2019)

“You and me,
we were destined to be the ones,
but we couldn’t see we were flying close to the sun.
And it didn’t take too much time for our wings to melt.
Guess it’s true what they say,
that some things are felt.”

Hatchie Top 5 Song 2

3. “Cellophane” by FKA twigs
Single (2019)

“Didn’t I do it for you?
Why don’t I do it for you?
Why won’t you do it for me?
When all I do is for you?”

FKA twigs Top 5 Song 3

4. “Destroyer” by Lala Lala
from the album, The Lamb (2018)

“Write it down,
what you are reading.
It turns to text,
it loses it’s meaning.
I can feel myself beginning to shift.
What should I hold?
I can’t resist.”

5. “Night Shift” by Lucy Dacus
from the album, Historian (2018)

“I’m doing fine.
Trying to derail my one-track mind.”

Lucy Dacus Top 5 Song 5



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