Lily Moore Top 5 Music Obsessions

Top 5 Music Obsessions featuring Lily Moore

Today is slow, but not in that languid, relaxing kind of day. It’s more in the anxious, tense kind of way. I have too many things to do and do not feel comfortable in my skin today, which makes it hard to sit and concentrate – but I’m trying.

Today’s meditation was on concentration and mindfulness. I’m trying to remember to pay attention to my breathing. To let myself feel all I’m feeling, to acknowledge and let go. It’s hard today though. My emotions, though better, are still so raw, and I still feel so overwhelmed with decisions I need to make, confusion, and doubts.

But, I’m making lists. I’m making small changes. I’m making plans. And, I’m listening to myself, and the music I’m obsessing over. Today’s Top 5 Music Obsessions are full of feelings and emotions and energy, and they really require playing them over-and-over again.

The first song is a new-to-me Blondie cover that I heard on Hulu’s new series “Four Weddings and a Funeral “(2 episodes in – love it – recommend it). Lily Moore’s version of “Heart of Glass” recreates the disco hit and turns it introspective, melancholic, soulful, and heartbreaking.

Next up is a new single from Elbow (featuring Jesca Hoop) – “Dexter and Sinister”. I love Guy Garvey’s voice. I love the theme of this song, the questioning of self and of spirituality while existing within an uncertain future (globally, socially, self-referential? Maybe all of it?), all while feeling a heavy dose of mortality. I can really relate to the song. I can really feel it.

“Here Come Cowboys” is one of my favorite songs by The Psychedelic Furs. It came on this morning and I hit play again three times after. It made my morning better, without a doubt. I’ve been diving into music from the ’80s for this month’s Song of the Day theme, revisiting the music, and myself during that decade. Its been good, for the most part. Hard at times, but enlightening – and the music has been a muse to my writing, which is always a good thing.

Fourth on the Music Obsessive roster today is “I Found U” from Passion Pit and Galantis. Another track I heard on Hulu’s “Four Weddings and a Funeral”. This track is feel-good, dancey, and delicious. I like the church organ at the beginning. It adds an angelic joy to the track which makes it even more “feel-good”.

Turn this one way up when you listen.

Last, but not least, is “San Francisco” by Foxygen. This track is so day-dreamy. It has me day-dreamy-ing about San Francisco. I miss the city.

What songs have you been obsessing over today?

Top 5 Music Obsessions – August 8, 2019

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1. “Heart of Glass” by Lily Moore
from the “Four Weddings and a Funeral” soundtrack (2019)

“Once I had a love,
and it was a gas –
soon turned out had a heart of glass.”

Lily Moore Top 5 Song 1

2. “Dexter & Sinister” by Elbow, featuring Jesca Hoop
New single (2019)

“And I don’t know Jesus anymore.
And an endless sleep is awaiting me.
And I haven’t finished yet.”

3. “Here Come Cowboys” by The Psychedelic Furs
from the album, Mirror Moves (1984)

It gets so hard at times,
to take it serious.
It really gets to be a drag,
when all we really need is love.”

4. “I Found U” by Passion Pit, featuring Galantis
New single (2019)

“Life was fleeting,
then I found you.”

5. “San Francisco” by Foxygen
from the album, We Are the 21st Century Ambassadors of Peace and Magic (2013)

“I left my love in San Francisco.
That’s okay,
I was bored anyway.
I left my love in the room.
That’s okay,
I was born in L.A.”

Top 5 Music Obsessions – August 2019


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