I woke up extra early this morning. Motivated and also facing a very busy day. Today’s To-Do list is staggering, but I’m trying to take it one moment at a time. I’m trying to remember to breathe.

Remember to breathe.

Today’s meditation practice theme was on breathing. The theme was “why the breath?” It centered on mindfulness and how if you are worrying about the future, or fixating on the past, the best way to bring the self back to now, and back to a mindful place, is to focus on the breath because breathing is right here, right now. Seems simple and obvious, but it is helpful all the same.

Stuck in nearly 3 hours of traffic was a test of my breathing. I kept the music playing the whole time. I usually switch over to podcasts or audiobooks, but today I just wanted/needed the music.

I’m trying so hard for hope, for love, and for breathing. I’m trying, too, to keep writing. I still really need a break. I’m hoping this weekend will be low key enough to provide the break I need (or at least pockets of time I can relax).

Remember to breathe.

All the songs I’m obsessing about today feature Women in Music. It was an accident, a happy accident, that it happened that way – but honestly, I love when it happens that way.

The first song was a discovery from a post that Pamela Adlon put on Instagram. I was curious about the song she shared, and I’m so glad I was – as I am loving it. I love Pamela, and her show “Better Things”. I miss it and can’t wait for it to come back. Next up is a new discovery from the ever music gifting Spotify Discover Weekly Playlist (they always seem to get it so right). One of my all-time favorite Siouxsie and the Banshees songs is up next – a song I woke up with, stuck in my head, and was actually singing to my cat, Clyde (with some of the words changed to include him in it, as I like to do). Another new discovery from Nouvelle Vague is in Today’s Top 5 Music Obsessions. The song features the wonderful Julie Delpy. Have you heard it yet? The song “Lalala”? It’s so good. Last, but not least comes a Rilo Kiley song that I always have to turn way, way up.

What songs have you been obsessing over today?

LEON Top 5 Music Obsessions Header

Top 5 Music Obsessions – August 6, 2019

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1. “Come Home To Me” by Léon
from the album, Léon (2019)

“Maybe I did you wrong and made you bleed.
Maybe you made mistakes that got me on my knees.
And maybe we’re a mess, but it works for me.
‘Cause I know that every time you leave, you come home to me.”

2. “Hometown” by Haley Bonar
from the album, Impossible Dream (2016)

“All grown up,
saving up for my exit.
Let it burn in the rearview mirror.”

Hayley Bonar Top 5 Song 2

3. “The Killing Jar” by Siouxsie and the Banshees
from the album, Peepshow (1988)

“Needles & Sins,
Sins & Needles,
he’s gasping for air,
in the wishing well.
Dust to rust,
ashes on gashes.
Hand around the killing jar.”

4. “Lalala” by Nouvelle Vague, featuring Julie Delpy
New release single (2019)

“I wanna dance like we used to,
when it was pure,
when it was new.”

Nouvelle Vague with Julie Delpy Top 5 Song 4

5. “Portions for Foxes” by Rilo Kiley
from the album, More Adventurous (2004)

“There’s blood in my mouth,
’cause I’ve been biting my tongue all week.
I keep on talking trash,
but I never say anything.
And the talking leads to touching,
and the touching leads to sex,
and then there is no mystery left.”

Top 5 Music Obsessions – August 2019


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