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Top 5 Music Obsessions featuring The Replacements

Today is a whirlwind of meetings and projects. In-between, though, there’s been a lot of music. I feel like I’m playing music catch-up, trying to devour and/or absorb every song I can to make up for what feels like lost time. Today feels good, despite the busy pace. I’m having these “a-ha” moments with the audiobook I’m listening to. Some of the “a-ha’s” have been painful, but others have been enlightening, as well as comforting. I wish I’d found some things out so much sooner, but overall I’m just grateful for the knowledge and self-understanding it’s gifting me. I’m still struggling with my emotions and anxiety, but I’m getting myself back into some sense of balance – meditation, music, writing. I have a ways to go. I need to carve more time out for writing, for reading, and for time outdoors – but I’m trying to be patient with myself, and my life, and giving myself a little more leeway than I usually do to make some necessary changes.

My dive back into music is really helping me. Writing again is helping me, too. I need to remember (post-it notes, if necessary) that veering away from music and writing is not good for me. Music and writing help me breathe, sort through feelings, emote more mindfully (or at least more consistently), and it just helps my overall well-being/sense of self.

Today’s Top 5 Music Obsessions are inspired by a new release/new mix from The Replacements, two tracks from the Hulu show “Casual” that we just finished bingeing, a new discovery from this week’s Spotify Discover Weekly Playlist, and a Smiths cover from Tanya Donelly (with Dylan in the Movies) that I’ve been obsessing over since I woke up this morning.

What have you been listening to/obsessing over, music-wise?

Top 5 Music Obsessions – July 30, 2019
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1. “Talent Show” (Matt Wallace Mix) by The Replacements
pre-album-release single (2019)

“We ain’t much to look at so,
close your eyes, here we go –
we’re playin’ at the talent show.”

This song came on when I was perusing a New Release Playlist while I was driving to work and it was an instant-feel-good music moment. I was driver-seat-dancing and singing-a-long to it – BIG TIME. Sometimes I forget how much I love The Replacements. Sometimes I underrate them. Today I remember, and rate them yes yes yes – turn it up!

2. “Lost In the Dream” by The War On Drugs
from the album, Lost In the Dream (2014)

“Love’s the key to the games that we play,
but don’t mind losing.
Love’s the key to the things that you see,
but you don’t mind moving.
It’s a door in the dark of the way.
It’s the key in the dark for the spark.
Love’s a game; run away the same.
Oh, all the way.”

The album’s title track. I’ve loved this album since I first heard it on XM Radio, back in 2014. I don’t think I’ve stopped listening, off-and-on, since. Hearing the title track on an episode of “Casual” reignited my music-spark-love of this song, and the full album, too.

Side note: I really loved “Casual”, especially seasons 1-2. The entire series had an amazing soundtrack, too. So many good songs!

3. “Shoplifters of the World Unite” by Tanya Donelly and Dylan In the Movies
from the tribute/various artists album, Please, Please, Please: A Tribute to The Smiths (2011)

“Learn to love me,
and assemble the ways.
Now, today, tomorrow, and always.”

Tanya Donelly and Dylan In The Movies Top 5 Song 3

I woke up with this track in my head. It’s been playing there, and out of my speakers, ever since.

This week seems to be an unofficial Tanya Donelly Top 5 Music Obsession themed week. So far. Let’s see if it continues.

Do you have a favorite Smiths cover? Have you heard the whole cover album?

4. “Things I Learned” by Motel Mirrors
from the album, In the Meantime (2018)

“I learned to rockin’ the cradle.
I learned to swing on the dance floor.
I can open my own doors.
I know that boys can be cruel.
These things I learned without you.”

Another Spotify Discovery Weekly Playlist discovery. I’m really digging this song, and am just about to dive into the album. Motel Mirrors is a side project by John Paul Keith & Amy LaVere. Will Saxton, renowned Austin, Texas guitarist joins the two on this song and album.

5. “Time To Move On” by Tom Petty
from the album, Wildflowers (1994)

“Broken skyline,
which way to love land.
Which way to something better.
Which way to forgiveness.
Which way do I go?”

I love Tom Petty. As the years go by I love Tom Petty more and more.

Wildflowers has always been one of my favorite albums, and as with Petty himself, as the years go by I love the Wildflowers album more and more.

The finale of “Casual” made me cry, as did this song when it started up on “Alex’s Playlist” that he leaves for Valerie (I wish there was a way to hear all the songs on his fictional Playlist).

Side note: I actually found an “Alex’s Playlist” on Spotify via Hulu’s “Casual”. The only thing is, they left out this song, even though it’s what “Ova” starts playing when Valerie asks it/her to play “Alex’s Playlist”.

This song feels very Los Angeles to me. It also is so relevant to how I feel/how I’ve been feeling lately.


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