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Top 5 Music Obsessions featuring The Go-Go’s

I had Today’s Top 5 Music Obsessions all queued up and ready to go and then The Go-Go’s “Turn To You” came on and I knew it had to be added to Today’s Top 5. I played it 5-times in a row and immediately felt like I wanted to dance around my office. I resisted, turning the sound up a little and dancing in my head instead. The song took over, adding to my already good mood – turning it up a little, too, so I had to let it lead the way for today.

Here’s hoping it makes you feel good, and that you enjoy the other 5 Songs today, too.

Top 5 Music Obsessions featuring The Go-Go's

Top 5 Music Obsessions – July 8, 2019

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1. “Turn To You” by The Go-Go’s
from the album, Talk Show (1984)

“Gotta get my message,
stop spending all our precious time.
Because before you know it,
we’ll be down to our last dime.”

The Go-Go's Top 5 Song 1

Maybe its feeling so much in the present today or is it because I’m ready to get out of this funk I’ve been in for about a year and start feeling good again, but this song is doing it for me right now. Time is precious. Life is short. I want to live happier again.

2. “Just One of the Guys” by Jenny Lewis
from the album, The Voyager (2014)

I’m not gonna break for you.
I’m not gonna pray for you.
I’m not gonna pay for you.
That’s not what ladies do.”


Jenny Lewis was my first listen this morning. She played soundtrack to my cloudy morning commute. “Just One of the Guys” is as catchy as it is inspired, with its take on womanhood and the pitfalls therein. Produced by Beck for Jenny’s 2014 album, Voyager – a favorite album of mine.

I love the video with Jenny’s faux girl group made up of some of my favorite women in film – Kristen Steward, Anne Hathaway, and Brie Larson.

Jenny Lewis Top 5

Listening again to this track as I write this I’m reminded of a favorite ’80s movie of mine, with the same name as the song – which is a take on womanhood and the pitfalls therein (and the way women and girls are treated).

Just One of the Guys (1985)


A pre-“Twin Peaks” Sherilyn Fenn is in it, as is Clayton Rohner, who was in one of my all-time favorite ’80s movies, Modern Girls.

3. “Once In a Lifetime” by Angélique Kidjo
from the album, Remain In Light (2018)

“Letting the days go by,
let the water hold me down.
Letting the days go by,
water flowing underground.”

Spotify’s Discover Weekly Playlist introduced me to Angélique Kidjo’s cover of “Once In a Lifetime“, originally by Talking Heads, as well as to her tribute album and unique take on the entire Remain In Light album.

I love the joy and energy in this version of “Once In a Lifetime”. It is lifting my afternoon up up up!

Angelique Kidjo Top 5

4. “Girls” by Death In Vegas
from the album, Satan’s Circus (2004)


I discovered this song back when I first saw Lost In Translation. I’d somewhat forgotten the track though, that is until I stumbled on it again today, while watching the pilot to “Veronica Mars”.


Such dreamy, lo-fi, shoegaze goodness in “Girls”. I can’t get enough of it. I want to swim around in it for a while. Better yet, I want to start a road trip mix with it, and then go on one. SOON.

Death In Vegas Top 5

5. “Poke” by Daughter
from the upcoming covers album: Tiny Changes: cover of Frightened Rabbit’s album, The Midnight Organ Fight

“I might never catch a mouse,
and present it in my mouth,
to make you feel you’re with someone who deserves to be with you.
But there’s one thing we’ve got going,
and it’s the only thing worth knowing,
it’s got lots to do with magnets and the pull of the moon.”

Oh my stars, this is heartbreaking and beautiful, and just wow.


I’m still sad over Frightened Rabbit’s lead singer, Scott Hutchison’s suicide. Their music has meant a great deal to me and hit me in so many deep, emotional, personal ways.

I love Daughter, and Elena Tonra (see today’s Song of the Day). They are an inspired choice for this cover album, and for the song “Poke”. I look forward to hearing the rest of the cover versions.

Daughter Top 5

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