Pete Yorn Top 5 Music Obsessions

Top 5 Music Obsessions featuring Pete Yorn

Sundays have always been my favorite day of the week. It started back when I used to work six days a week, Monday thru Saturday, back in the ’90s, when I was in my 20’s. Sunday was a special day. My only day off. A day when I’d get the urge to cook lots of food, and have people over to eat, drink, and have great conversations. Oh, and listen to lots of music.

Sundays don’t have that same charm anymore, yet the day still holds a specialness to it, for me. There is something peaceful about it. A day when I try not to have too many places to go, or too long of to-do lists. I like to ditch time on Sundays, taking the day as it comes instead of holding to schedules and places I have to be. It doesn’t always work out that way. What ever does? But today I’m happy to say is just like that.

I’m indulging in my second cup of coffee while sitting at my dining room table, listening to today’s selection of Top 5 Music Obsessions, and letting the songs take me where they want me to go.

I’m still struggling a lot and sleeping too little, but the music is helping some today. As is the coffee, and no particular place to go. I do have a to-do list. Laundry, a bit of housework, and a work project that’s deadline is tomorrow. But, I’m taking it slow, and taking some time to write, and listen to music. It helps.

So, let’s get right to it. To the music. To today’s Top 5.

Top 5 Music Obsessions – Sunday, June 2, 2019

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1. “Can’t Stop You” by Pete Yorn
Single released 2019

“(Imagine it)
Can’t stop you from hurting yourself.
(Can’t stop you)
It’s not you who’s driving us all away.
(It’s not you)
Can’t stop you from losing it all.
(Can’t stop you)
Can’t stop you.
Can’t stop you.”

Pete Yorn is one of my forever all-time favorites, and it shows here at lyriquediscorde. One of his songs was the very first post here, back in 2011, and he has been featured here countless time since. I love his music. His music gifts me so many things, comfort, hope, dreams, inspiration, and just that indescribable feeling that music that means the world gives.

Of the two new singles released this week, “Can’t Stop You” is my favorite. It resonates deeply with me right now. Both in how I feel/how I am impacted by things people I love are going through, and how I feel about the struggles and issues I’m trying to get through myself. This song is honestly just what I needed right now, and I am so grateful.

It has that tried and true Pete sound to it, but with a little extra flourish that makes it both timeless and contemporary. It feels like Summer. It feels like time at the ocean, times on the road with the windows rolled down, and times sitting alone in contemplation, worrying and wondering about someone (or yourself), and learning to let go of things you can’t control.

Give this track multiple listens. Then go out into the world, on a walk, or a drive, and play it again. You’ll thank me for it.

2. “Possibly Maybe” by Björk
from the album, Post (1995)

“Your flirt finds me out,
teases the crack in me,
smittens me with hope.”

Fitting right in with this month’s theme, and today’s Song of the Day, “Possibly Maybe” is the perfect crush song. A tune for when you feel that first flush of feeling from another person. There is excitement, desire, and the uncertainty of where it will lead if it leads anywhere at all. Possibly it could become something more. Maybe it could even become love.

This track also has a Summer feel. I guess my ears, and music obsessive heart is readying for the Summertime (though I could skip right over the heat – when it comes).

3. “Desire Lines” by Lush
from the album, Split (1994)

“We hold parties in our sleep.
We fill ourselves up in our sleep.”

I’ve been diving in deep to women in music in the ’90s for this month’s Song of the Day theme, and keep finding songs I can’t get enough of. This one is definitely in that category.

Sleep has been elusive lately. I’ve had three nights of very bad insomnia where I’ve hardly slept at all, and when I do finally doze off, bad dreams come to take me over. I wake suddenly then, full of panic and anxiety, and the struggle to fall asleep starts all over again.

I’m longing to fill myself up with sleep. I know my body, mind, and emotions really need it. Maybe it will be better tonight.

Maybe I need to make a lullaby playlist.

4. “Turn Me Down” by Julia Jacklin
from the album, Crushing (2019)

“It’s a lot to ask of you,
to believe in me,
when I can’t even promise,
I’d do things differently next time.”

I feel like this song, especially the lyrics above, were written for me, in my life, right now. They resonate so much it hurts.

Julia Jacklin is one of my favorite new discoveries of the year, and her album Crushing will definitely be on my favorite albums of 2019 list.

P.S. This song also feels like Summer, to me.

5. “Kinky Love” by Pale Saints
from the EP, Flesh Balloon (1991)

“Good to me.
Kinky, do all the things you should to me.
Wake up I’m nervous.
Sleep inside of me.”

Another “women in music in the ’90s” song. Another Summertime vibe kind of song. Sensual, sexy, soothing, and so beautiful.

I feel like I didn’t appreciate Pale Saints enough in the ’90s. I feel almost like I’m discovering them for the first time now. I’m sure glad I finally came around.

I want to swirl around in this song all morning, and afternoon.


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