A new Playlist series starts with a lyriquediscorde favorite, Pete Yorn. The ABC’s of lyriquediscorde favorites – songs in alphabetical order for you to enjoy. For this week’s Monday Playlist lyriquediscorde is sharing the first one in the series.

photo by Jim Wright

The ABC’s of Pete Yorn
A lyriquediscorde favorites playlist
A Monday Playlist

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“All At Once”
“Crystal Village”
“Don’t Wanna Cry”
“For Nancy (‘Cos It Already Is)”
“The Good Advice”
“Iguana Bird” (with Scarlett Johansson)
“Kellen Winslow”
“Long Time Nothing New”
“The Man” (with Natalie Maines)
“Never My Love”
“On Your Side”
“Pass Me By”
“She Was Weird”
“Turn of the Century”
“When You See the Light”

The ABC’s of Pete Yorn


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