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“Catch” by The Cure

I’ve been having a bit of an ’80s flashback day today (well, maybe more than a bit), and as all mixtapes I made in the ’80s include The Cure, it’s only fitting that I pick a Cure song for today’s Song of the Day.

All this musical-nostalgia is helping today be an all-around good day. There was rain, but no flat tire this morning (a plus!), and I had coffee with one of my daughter’s before work. It’s my oldest daughter’s twenty-seventh birthday today, though we won’t get-together for our annual shopping-lunch-movie extravaganza until Monday. There’s dinner at home cooking in the crockpot (no “This Is Us” fires though…please), and plans to enjoy it with my love while we make our way through season two of “The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel” (which I may be unpopular saying, but I don’t find it all that marvelous).

And all this ’80s music turned up as loud as I can in my office. Yes, it is helping a lot. One of my anxiety coping skills is listening, singing-a-long, and turning up as loud as allowed…MUSIC.

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The Cure’s song “Catch” is Today’s Song of the Day.

“Catch” is track two off of The Cure’s 1987 studio album, Kiss Me Kiss Me Kiss Me. The song was released as a single in the UK, but not in the US. It hit #27 on the UK Singles Chart, in 1987.

“Catch” by The Cure
from the album, Kiss Me Kiss Me Kiss Me (1987)
Song of the Day

“And she used to fall down a lot.
That girl was always falling,
again and again.
And, I used to sometimes try to catch her,
but never even caught her name.”

The Cure Catch SOTD
As “Catch” wasn’t released in the US, the b-sides were used for the US release of “Just Like Heaven”. The song was covered by Art Brut for the NME CD, Pictures of You – a tribute to Godlike Geniuses The Cure.

“I first heard ‘Catch’ when I was quite young,” remarked the group’s Eddie Argos in an accompanying feature (NME, 28 February 2009). “It was only when got older and started going out with girls that I realized how romantic it was.”

“Catch” by Art Brut

It was also covered by Dashboard Confessional.

“Catch” by Dashboard Confessional

None of the covers can compete with The Cure’s original version. At least not to me.

the cure catch

The song’s lyrics, as written by Robert Smith, were inspired when Smith caught a broadcast of the Sylvester Stallone written film ‘Rocky 2’ in which Rocky’s wife Adrian falls into a coma during childbirth.

Robert Smith The Cure SOTD

In a desperate hope to revive his wife, Rocky writes a poem for Adrian which at one point reads “…..and you kept trying to slip so I could catch you….”

This moment moved Smith and years later when Stallone caught wind of this, he asked The Cure to write the theme song for his 1995 movie ‘Judge Dredd’. Smith, a lifelong fan of the British comic book series, immediately began work on ‘Dredd Song’. (from Wikipedia)

“The Catch” (live) by The Cure

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