Once upon a music obsessive time, I discovered “Video Games” by Lana Del Rey. The song was the talk of the music blogs at the time, and after a first listen I was hooked. I fell in love with Lana’s sleepy, sensual, post-blues voice, and the stories she sang in her songs. In recent times I lost my early affections for her music, not really connecting with her more recent tracks. But then this week I stumbled on her new single, “Mariners Apartment Complex”, and I fell hard for her music, her voice, and her sung stories once again. This song, today’s Song of the Day, connected with me immediately and seemed to fit exactly where I am, and how I feel, right now. I love when music does that.

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I love the story in this song. About a woman who is stronger than she’s taken for, who loves enormously, who believes in love and in people, in change, and in saving each other with love. I like the gender swap in the lyrics “I’m your man”, and how it relays something that has nothing to do with gender, at least to me. I take it to mean more about strength, and about being there for the person you love. The kind of strength that love provides.

“Mariners Apartment Complex” by Lana Del Rey
New Single (2018)
Song of the Day

“You lose your way,
just take my hand.
You’re lost at sea,
then I’ll command your boat to me again.
Don’t look too far,
right where you are,
that’s where I am.
I’m your man.”

Lana Del Rey Mariners Apartment Complex SOTD

I relate to that kind of strength, love, and hope. I feel it in the love I have in my life, how life-changing it has been, and how it has made me both strong and vulnerable, and how the latter, that vulnerability is not a weakness, even if it feels like it at times. This love we have has made me happier than I’ve been in my entire life. More open and real. And yes, at times more scared and insecure, but even in those moments I never stop believing in who we are, and what we have.

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