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“Never Say Goodbye” by Bob Dylan

There are moments when you can feel a shift in emotion. When you can feel things start or stop. When you can feel things begin, end, or grow. Last night, listening to the Bob Dylan’s 1974 album, Planet Waves, and hearing “Never Say Goodbye” play, today’s Song of the Day, I felt a significant shift in feeling. I felt the love that I have expand and grow exponentially. It was already such a huge thing to me, and yet, at that moment, I felt it become bigger. I knew then that what he’s been saying about us is true. Truer than true even. That we are just beginning. That we will become something better and better as we go. Last night, I believed it in a way that is beyond conscious thought. In a way that is an internal knowing. A part of me. Like he is a part of me. Like we are a part of me. And, like our growing love is a part of me.

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He and I have a growing list of songs we have deemed to be our songs. “Never Say Goodbye” is one of them. It has been since we both listened to this album together, back in that room he used to live in, back in that room where we began, in so many ways. I’m certain that we’ve both sent it to each other, as well. Every time I’ve heard it, since we’ve been together, it’s meaning has grown, too. Just as our love does. And with each listen, I feel more and more certain that this is what I’ve waited my life to find. Him. Us. Our love.

Driving to work this morning I kept thinking about last night. And, I kept hitting repeat on this song. I feel like this shift is important. That this realization of how much we can still grow in love with each other is important. That the bumps and rough days we’ve been dealing with it, though not over necessarily, can shift and change, too. I truly believe that this is the start of something new with us, too. That maybe we will be able to get through things differently. Better. In closer, and more together way. Or, maybe that’s just how I’m feeling this morning. It feels great though, feeling this way, believing this way, and loving this much.

“Never Say Goodbye” by Bob Dylan
from the album, Planet Waves (1974)
Song of the Day

“The crashing waves roll over me,
as I stand upon the sand,
wait for you to come,
and grab hold of my hand.”

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