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“War and Peace” by M. Ward

Three days away from “song of the days”, and other lyriquediscorde postings, due to a three-day, bank holiday weekend. Sometimes disconnecting and taking a break to be engaged with one’s in-person life is necessary. I usually do this on weekends anyway, so this was a weekend plus one away. For the most part, the three days were wonderful, with a one-day exception that worked itself out before the day was through. Its tough sometimes for me to deal with the rough days. It’s hard not to think they are indicative of what we have. But, I try to remind myself that we are still new and that often my perspectives and expectations are built on how I react and see things in this world, not how the other person does. This can be a trap, of sorts. A recipe for disappointment, and hurt feelings, and yes, rough days. I’m trying to sort through that all and catch myself when I’m locked into my perspectives and expectations. I’m trying to learn to stop it before it causes issues, step back, and see things from both sides.

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Relationships are work. Hard work sometimes. Little to no work at other times. We are all so different, have had different upbringings and past relationships, and have different ways of loving, expressing ourselves, and feeling. It’s worth the work though, even on the rough days. Maybe especially on those rough days.

“War and Peace” by M. Ward
from the album, What a Wonderful Industry (2018)
also from the original motion picture soundtrack – Juliet, Naked (2018)
Song of the Day

Over the weekend Chris and I saw the film Juliet, Naked, the cinematic version of the Nick Hornby book of the same name. I loved the movie in so many ways, and for so many reasons. One of those reasons was the music in the film. The soundtrack is filled with favorites of mine, including today’s Song of the Day, M. Ward with a song that is off of his 2018 album, What a Wonderful Industry.

Check-out the movie, and its soundtrack, if you get the chance. I highly recommend both.

Juliet Naked Song of the Day

Juliet, Naked (2018)
Rose Byrne and Ethan Hawke


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