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Top 5 Music Obsessions featuring Mumford And Sons

Thinking about the weekend, and making plans, is helping change my mood some. I’m still feeling blue, but I’m trying to pull myself out of it. Music is helping. A headache I have isn’t. I think I forgot to have coffee this morning. Hopefully, it isn’t too late to remedy that. I’m almost done with my weekly work to-do list, allowing me some time to do some writing. I’m trying to finish the next chapter of the “We Make a Little History” series. As it gets more personal it becomes a little harder to write, but I feel strongly about chronicling our relationship for a few reasons. One, because I love the idea of our story being recorded or written down, so I have it forever and so we can go back and revisit it as the years go by. Second, I think it’s important to tell our story as our relationship has challenges to it that I think other couples, or even friends, could benefit from reading. I think it’s a big thing, to tell the truth, even when its hard, and to be able to share the work that goes into a good relationship. Love is everything, it is, but it takes more than just love to make a relationship work, and last.

I’ve been listening to a podcast series called “Armchair Expert“. It’s the actor Dax Shepard’s podcast. I loved him in the TV series “Parenthood”, and have always found his and Kristen Bell’s relationship lovely. I decided to go back and listen to the series from the start. On his first episode, he had Kristen as his guest. They talked a lot about their relationship, and the work they put into it to make it good, and lasting. They also talked a lot about social media and the comparison trap that it can become, where people see pretty much only the best moments of people’s lives, and how that can impact people. Make them feel less than, or that they aren’t doing enough, living enough, being enough. So, they wanted to talk about the good and the bad, to show that what may appear perfect on TV, or social media, isn’t perfect and that that’s okay to not be perfect. And that relationships are hard work, but worth it. They want to give people hope, not “comparison hangovers”. I think that’s what I want this to be, too. Truth, good and bad, and hope for others who might be reading it. Especially for anyone who is dealing with some of the issues, we deal with together.

That’s part of my intention anyway, along with sharing our story because I love us and I’m proud of what we have. So, I keep writing it, even though it’s becoming a bit tougher to do.

Anyhow…on to the music…

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Top 5 Music Obsessions – Friday, August 31, 2018

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1. “Someone Saved My Life Tonight” by Mumford And Sons
from the album, Revamp: The Songs of Elton John and Bernie Taupin (2018)

Mumford and Songs Someone Saved My Life Tonight Top 5 Music Obsessions Song 1

“It’s four o’clock in the morning.
Damn, it listens to me good.
I’m sleeping with myself tonight,
saved in time,
thank God my music’s still alive.”

I just discovered the cover album “Revamp: The Songs of Elton John and Bernie Taupin” and was listening to it on my way into work today. This is the standout track in the collection. Mumford And Sons rendition is emotional, raw, and beautiful. It reminds me of the break-up I had earlier this year. It was painful at first, being left in the careless and cold way it was done. But in the end it was the best thing that could have happened to me. I feel like I was saved by that ending in so many ways.

Things happen for a reason.

2. “Harvest Moon” by Cassandra Wilson
from the album, New Moon Daughter (1995)

Cassandra Wilson Harvest Moon Top 5 Music Obsessions Song 2

“Because I’m still in love with you,
I want to see you dance again.
Because I’m still in love with you,
on this harvest moon.”

I’ve been digging into Neil Young’s music lately, finding that I love it and really missed getting it before. Some music takes time to discover, or re-discover. I’m glad that Chris introduced/re-introduced his music to me.

I came across this cover earlier in the week and I find it interesting, and different, in a good way. Though I think I prefer Jane Birkin’s off-kilter cover better, this one is good, too.

The original is still the best, though.

3. “Into the Mystic” by Van Morrison
from the album, Moondance (1970)

Van Morrison Into the Mystic Top 5 Music Obsessions Song 3

“I wanna rock your gypsy soul,
just like way back in the days of old,
then magnificently we will float,
into the mystic.”

My forever favorite Van Morrison song. Me and my gypsy soul love it so much.

4. “Something” by The Beatles
from the album, Abbey Road (1969)

The Beatles Something Top 5 Music Obsessions Song 4

“Somewhere in her smile she knows,
that I don’t need no other lover.
Something in her style that shows me,
I don’t want to leave her now.”

Another Beatles song written by George Harrison that I love. Another Beatles song that reminds me of us.

5. “Left and Leaving” by The Weakerthans
from the album, Left and Leaving (2000)

The Weakerthans Left and Leaving Top 5 Music Obsessions Song 5

“Wait for the year to drown.
Spring forward,
fall back down.
I’m trying not to wonder where you are.”

I re-read a favorite book a few months back. Girls In the Moon by Janet McNally There are so many music references in the book. One of the reasons I love it so much. This song stood out to me, its mention towards the end. I was thinking about it this morning and had to listen to it. A few times. It’s a heartbreaking song, but I do love it.

Top 5 Music Obsessions – Week of August 27, 2018

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