Elbow Song of the Day

“scattered black and whites” by Elbow

I always forget how much I enjoy Elbow’s music until I hear them again. Today’s Song of the Day is on this week’s Spotify Discover Weekly playlist and when it came on this morning I was reminded, yet again, how much I love Elbow, and Guy Garvey’s voice.

I hit play again and feel pulled into memories of the day before. Yesterday was what I’d call a perfect day (and night). Sometimes its okay (more than okay) to take a day off work and spend it however you feel like. Some call it a mental health day or a self-care day. Whatever you want to call it, I think it’s a necessary day to gift yourself on occasion.

My whatever you want to call it day was spent mostly in bed with my love. We binged watched a past “American Horror Story” season, we talked and laughed, we held each other close, we kissed and made love, and we got even closer than we were the day before. It was a gift to each other, really – yesterday, together. It is definitely in my Top 5 days we’ve spent together (so far).

It does really keep getting better with us.

“scattered black and whites” by Elbow
from the album, Asleep In the Back (2001)
Song of the Day

“I come back here from time to time.
I shelter here some days.”

Guy Garvey has said on “scattered black and whites”:

“It’s still considered the best song we’ve ever written by lots of fans, and I can’t say I disagree. It’s memories, snapshots of childhood mixed together in the same way I used to mix together black and white photographs on the floor, to mix up my memories and find inspiration.”

It is definitely in my Top 5 favorite Elbow songs.

“scattered black and whites” (live, 2014) by Elbow

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