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“I Want To Tell You” by The Beatles

I wasn’t sure which song to choose for today’s song of the day. I’m feeling a bit under the weather, and more than a bit tired, so my musical senses feel a bit off. Most of the songs that accompanied my commute seemed to wash over me, and settle into the background. A comforting feeling, for certain, but not one that lends itself to writing inspiration. Luckily though my love sent me a song that cut through the not-feeling-well haze and seemed the perfect choice for today’s song of the day.

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Conversation has always been important to me, especially in a relationship. When we first “met” (pre-meeting-in-person-met) conversation came easily. It seemed that as soon as we started talking we never stopped. Even when there were pauses in texts sent back-and-forth, when one of us broke the silence with a message, the other was texting at the same time, more often than not. We had a crazy amazing connection right from the start. A connection that continues to grow and evolve as each day goes by.

Sometimes conversation is hard. Words don’t always come easily, especially when rough days happen. I’ll admit that at first, this was very hard for me to understand, and deal with. My default reaction was to take it personally. That reaction is due to my own insecurities. Abandonment issues that began when I was very, very young, that have been exacerbated by other loss and leavings that have happened, unexpected break-ups, and rejections, create an internal reaction-bomb that goes off when things seem different. Silence is a big trigger.

But just because something is a trigger, does not make the fears it fires off true. The silences that happen with us are not rejection, not lack of interest, nor waning love. They are part of other factors that are not always within either of our control. And sometimes those silences can be opportunities to get even closer, to connect in different ways. Whether that comes in the shape of helping pull the other out of the silences or to find a shared bliss in just being together, holding each other, finding a closeness that does not require words. I think I’m just starting to learn all of this, and I’m grateful for his love and patience with me while I do. I’m grateful for our love and patience with each other.

There is still so much to learn, and there is still trust that is building, sometimes quickly, and sometimes slowly. But, what I know for sure is every day we get closer, we grow together, and our love becomes something better than it was the day before. And it’s still only just begun.

“I Want To Tell You” by The Beatles
from the album, Revolver (1966)
Song of the Day

“I want to tell you,
my head is filled with things to say.
When you’re here,
all those words they seem to slip away.”

I Want to Tell You” was written and sung by George Harrison (my favorite Beatle), and appears on The Beatles’ 1966 album, Revolver. It was the third Harrison composition recorded for Revolver, marking the first time he was allocated more than two songs on a Beatles album, as well as the start of George’s emergence as a songwriter besides John Lennon and Paul McCartney. (from Wikipedia)

George has said that he drew inspiration for “I Want To Tell You” from his LSD experimentations. He described the lyrics as describing “the avalanche of thoughts that are so hard to write down or say or transmit.” The song’s message, along with his stuttering guitar riff and the dissonance he employed in the track’s melody was meant to reflect the difficulties of achieving meaningful communication. (from Wikipedia)

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