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“In This World” by Sean Alan

This morning seems brighter, and full of a generous dose of hope. Sleep helps, but its more than that. Love is really what does it. Love is such a huge part of my life right now, in a there for the long run, there forever kind of way. But life prevails and weighs heavy some days and nights, robbing some of love’s joy. It never takes it away, but stresses and worries, depression, anxiety, and all that comes along with all those negative vibes can sometimes mute love, or at least turn it down so low its hard to hear. I know it always there though. We both do. But oh when we can fight against the challenges of living and hang on tightly to each other, connecting from the inside out, it changes the narrative completely. The trick is to find a way to do that every day, if even for a moment.

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On my way into work this morning, with love flowing thunderously through my veins, I heard a song that was brand new to me, from an artist, who is also new to my ears. Thank you once again Spotify Discover Weekly, you never disappoint. Today the weekly playlist introduced me to “In This World” by Sean Alan. It fit everything I was feeling so perfectly that I had to pick it as today’s Song of the Day.

“In This World” by Sean Alan
Single released in 2016
Song of the Day

“But baby,
I always will be standing by your side.
Sure as the ocean and the shoreline entwine,
sure as the sun sets in the hillsides every night,
I’ll be by your side.”

Sean Alan In This World Song of the Day

Finding someone you want to spend your life with is rare. For me, it took more than forty some years to find it. There were times I thought I had. There were times I thought I could mold pieces of what fit and what didn’t into something I’d want forever. But it was never quite right. It was never that thing that you wait for and wish for and dream of. The kind of love that seems unreal at times, something of movies and happy ever after stories. But it is real, rare and real and beautifully imperfect. Love like this is everything and worth all the good, bad, and in-betweens that came before. But it’s work to keep it. Work that takes two people who believe in it, and in each other. It’s all worth it though. Love like this is worth everything.



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