Ryan Adams Fix It Song of the Day

“Fix It” by Ryan Adams and the Cardinals

Another Monday, another start of the week. There is something bittersweet about Mondays lately. The weekends are precious and go by far too fast. This weekend especially seemed to race by, faster by the hour. It was hard to feel it as we had a rough go of it at times. When we found our way to connecting and to be “us” it was wonderful, but there was just not enough time. There never feels like enough time. And then we are here again. Monday. The Weekdays. The routines and times apart, and the stresses that the reality of a week brings, that can be escaped on the weekends, at least in some part.

Ryan Adams and The Cardinals track “Fix It” seems to fit perfectly inside a bittersweet Monday. We’ve been doing a lot of fixing lately. A lot of working on us. Finding our way to fixing the bumpy, rough spots, and hanging on tight when we find our way back to each other. “Fix It” reminds me of some of that struggle, though the “narrator” of this song doesn’t seem to have found his way back. It feels more like losing, even when they desperately want to fix things, and “win”.

“Fix It” by Ryan Adams and the Cardinals
from the album, Cardinology (2008)
Song of the Day

“I’d fix it,
I’d fix it.
I’d fix it,
I’d fix it if I could.”

For us, I know we won’t lose. I know we will work through anything and everything that comes our way, and always find our way back to each other. I believe in us. I believe in him. It’s just not always easy. Sometimes it’s very hard on my heart. But, even in the midst of the hardest moments, the saddest ones, I know we will fix things, love each other, and stay together. Always.

“Fix It” (live) by Ryan Adams and The Cardinals

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