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“Turn To You” by The Go-Go’s

One of my unpopular opinions about The Go-Go’s is that their 1984 album Talk Show is my favorite. I know, I know, it’s not supposed to be. Beauty and the Beat is classic Go-Go’s, quintessential Go-Go’s, a must-hear for the early 80’s, crisscrossing between Punk, New Wave, and Pop. Now don’t get me wrong, I love that album. I know it by heart, every single song, and I still listen to it. But, all that said, its Talk Show that holds the top-notch spot in my heart.

Maybe its because in 1984 I was in love with girl bands. Dying my hair every other weekend, singing into portable, tape-to-tape recordable cassette players, dreaming of being in a singer in my own all-girl band. Perhaps its because I played it obsessively during not just the year of its release, but all through 1986-1987 when my girl band fascination grew up and into an obsession. Or it’s because of those intangible, undefinable reasons that make an album become yours. This one definitely became mine.

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This song – “Turn To You” – is one of the reasons why I love this album so much. Gloriously poppy, layered with a bit of optimism, a bit of anger, a bit of crush-heavy attraction, maybe even a smidge of desperation. You can dance to this song. You can scream this song. You can sing-a-long in the car to this song. And, I’m pretty sure you can think of someone from your right now, or before in the past, that this song could be sung to (or about).

I know I had one, or two, “Turn To You” boys way before in the past. Everyone has. I just know it.

“Turn To You” by The Go-Go’s
from the album, Talk Show (1984)
Song of the Day

“There may be some explanation,
why you feel the way you do.
The world makes its rotations,
but I just want to turn to you.”

“Turn to You” was the second single released from Talk Show. It was written by Charlotte Caffey and Jane Wiedlin. The song is said to be about Caffey’s one-time boyfriend, baseball player Bob Welch. (from Wikipedia)

The track is also said to be Belinda Carlisle’s least favorite Go-Go’s song.

“Turn To You” (live, 1984) by The Go-Go’s

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