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“Fade Into You” by Mazzy Star

It’s quite possible that I’ve written about “Fade Into You”, by Mazzy Star, at least a hundred times. It is also quite possible that I will write about it at least a hundred times more. It’s one of those songs that elicit so many feelings in me, so many memories, and there’s something about it – the sound, the sentiment, Hope Sandoval’s voice – that triggers stories and characters and writing.

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“Fade Into You” is the opening track of 1993’s So Tonight That I Might See, a favorite album of mine. I have an affinity for first tracks. There’s something telling about what opens an album, something that suggests both the theme and intent of the artist or band, had for the album overall. It gets you started, grabs a hold and invites you into the story/stories that are ready to unfold.

“Fade Into You” by Mazzy Star
from the album, So Tonight That I Might See (1993)
Song of the Day

“I want to hold the hand inside you.
I want to take a breath that’s true.”

I think it was in the hotel room in San Francisco that this song played. It was part of the “soundtrack” I compiled for our trip, meant for the drive up, for us to listen together. But, I believe we were in bed when “Fade Into You” came on. Lying together, half covered in soft, white sheets, my head on his chest, talking, not talking, listening to the music. I remember we talked about the song, albeit briefly. I don’t remember what we said. What I do recall is how the song felt wrapped around us, and what it felt to be wrapped around each other.

Music is such a huge part of what we have together. It isn’t everything. No, we have so many things that connect us, that entwine our hearts and minds, so much that encompasses the love we have for each other. But music plays a big part. It has since we first met. I think it always will be vital to us, and to the way we connect.

Though this song has been with me since 1993, and though there are years of memories attached to it, listening to “Fade Into You” this morning all the other stories fade away. All I see is us. All I feel is your skin on mine, the way we breathe together, and the sound of your voice saying “I love you, too.” All I can think of is the way we fade into each other, grabbing hold, loving more with the passing of each and every day.

“Fade Into You” (live, 1994) by Mazzy Star

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