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“Detroit or Buffalo” by Barbara Keith

Monday is here too soon. I’m not ready for it, not mentally, emotionally, physically, consciously, or unconsciously. I want to still be on vacation. I want to still be wandering around, holding hands, exploring, experiencing, and being away from everything else. I really wanted just one more day. But, Monday is here, whether I’m ready for it, or not, and I’m trying not to feel sad about it. Honestly, though, I am sad. All I can do is feel everything, turn up today’s Song of the Day, and push through this unwanted Monday, and my shaky feelings.

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I stumbled on this song this morning on my commute. It was part of this week’s Discover Weekly by Spotify. The melancholy and the hopeful pushing through of this song is wrapping around me today like a blanket (even if the weather we came back to is too hot for any kind of covering up). I’ve never heard Barbara Keith before. Not until this morning. Not until this song. Once I can stop hitting repeat with the track “Detroit or Buffalo” I’ll have to have a listen to more of her songs.

“Detroit or Buffalo” by Barbara Keith
from the album, Barbara Keith (Self-Titled) (1973)
Song of the Day

“Hard to open up the door,
like you’ve done so many times before,
but sometimes you think you just can’t do it anymore.
Take a chance and take a train,
out into the pouring rain.”

I think feeling sad and missing our weekend kicked up my insecurities. Its hard to shake the fear that’s built itself up over years, and years, especially when you’ve found your person finally, and have so much love for them (and feel so open and vulnerable and HAPPY). But, I’m taking chances and going out into the pouring rain (or oppressive Southern California heat) and loving through the fear and insecurities. I just don’t want to mess this up. Not ever.

And, I don’t want it to be Monday. I want to be back on our vacation.

Barbara Keith Detroit or Buffalo SOTD



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