Minnie Driver Song of the Day Lyriquediscorde

“Everything I’ve Got In My Pocket” by Minnie Driver

I’m not sure I’ve ever believed in unconditional love. Or maybe its something I’ve never felt or seen, except in how I feel about my children. I’ve never really believed in fate either, in mated souls, destiny, love at first sight. All that seemed made up, fictional, the stuff of movies and fantasies. I’m not jaded, nor am I a pessimist. In most ways, I’m a hopeless optimist, and often very naive. All that said, those are all magical feelings and happenings that I chalked up to make-believe.

And then it all changed.

Song of the Day Lyriquediscorde

Unconditional love is what I feel for you. Its what I feel back. Its wrapped up in connection, in conversations, in silences, in desire, in friendship, in “mated soul”, I thought this kind of thing was make-believe, true love. It came to us quickly, at first sight/first words/first exchange of songs kind of way. And the chance of us meeting, the slightest of change, a step in a different direction, a moment of hesitation, we may never have met at all. Hey, destiny. Hey, fate. Thank you.

“Everything I’ve Got In My Pocket” by Minnie Driver
from the album, Everything I’ve Got In My Pocket (2004)
Song of the Day

“I want to remind you how you laugh.
Sometimes you don’t even make a sound,
till you fall down on the ground.
I’m going to love you every day,
maybe it’ll balance out the pain,
I can’t take away.”

I love you.

Minnie Driver Song of the Day

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