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“Absolute Beginners” by Carla Bruni

I woke up this morning with “Absolute Beginners” playing in my head. This happens nearly every morning, a song already in play as I open my eyes. It is a far better way to greet the morning than the disharmonious clang of an alarm. I must have been dreaming, though I don’t remember of what. Honestly, right now awake is far better than dreaming. The consequence of unexpectedly falling in love.

Song of the Day Lyriquediscorde

I’m not a beginner, though this feels like something I’ve never experienced in my life, so in some ways, I feel like I’m beginning. Youth and adulthood meeting for a coffee and trading tales of what we wished for, and what never happened. Until now. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t scared. But, I’d be lying if I said I didn’t believe in it regardless of fear. Life is short, but life, it can change in a moment. Be brave and bold, and love with everything you have. And, as my Grandmother used to tell me – follow your bliss. This. This is definitely bliss.

“Absolute Beginners” by Carla Bruni
Song of the Day

“As long as we’re together,
The rest can go to hell.
I absolutely love you.
But, we’re absolute beginners –
with eyes completely open,
but nervous all the same.”

This was the version playing in my head when I woke. The song is originally by David Bowie and was from the 1986 film, Absolute Beginners. I have the Bowie version on 45. I remember buying it right after leaving the theater where my friend and I saw Absolute Beginners. It became one of my favorite Bowie tracks from that day on.

I love Carla’s version, too. It’s beautiful, soulful, slowed down and feels even more like a love song. The kind that would be perfect to slow dance to.

Here is Bowie’s original. I love it, too.

“Absolute Beginners” by David Bowie

And here is Michael C. Hall, and the original cast of Lazarus (musical written by David Bowie). I wish I’d gotten to see it, in 2016.

“Absolute Beginners” by Michael C. Hall and the cast of Lazarus

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