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“Take Care” by Yo La Tengo

Opening tracks and closing tracks are a favorite thing of mine. I’m always fascinated by what is chosen to start and end an album. First tracks on each side (if you are listening to the album or cassette) is interesting, too. But what really grabs my attention is the opener and closer of the entire thing. The musical bookends, one might say.

Yesterday I was sent a closing track from a new friend. “Take Care” by Yo La Tengo, from their 2003 album, Summer Sun. Isn’t sending and receiving music just the best thing? Great way to get to know someone, if you ask me.

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The song is bittersweet and reminds me of letting go. The sentiment of “take care” is one I used recently when saying my goodbye. It was my attempt at closure for an ending that was sudden and rushed, and loosely explained. It helped though, to say goodbye, to say take care (and mean it), to take steps to move on. I’m gunshy and heart-bruised, but I’m also taking care, of me. Something I was struggling with for a while after.

The “Summer Sun” is out. I’m writing so much again. And there is music. So much music. Things seem a little bit brighter today.

“Take Care” by Yo La Tengo
from the album, Summer Sun (2003)
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“This sounds a bit like goodbye,
in a way it is,
I guess.
As I leave your side,
I’ve taken the air.”

The album, Summer Son, the band’s tenth release, was recorded in Nashville, Tennessee, and mixed at Shelter Island in New York. Georgia Hubley, Yo La Tengo’s drummer, singer, and co-founding member, had a death in her family right before the start of the album. Her mother. The Hubley family piano went into Yo La Tengo’s practice space in Jersey City right after and became the centerpiece for the sound of the album. (from Wikipedia)

Perhaps that is why the last song – “Take Care” – feels like a final goodbye, to me.

“Take Care” (live) by Yo La Tengo

Yo La Tengo Song of the Day Lyriquediscorde

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