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“The Dream Song” by Nathan Reich

My daughter and I have been re-watching the TV Series “Parenthood” off and on lately. As much as I remembered how much I loved the story/characters/performances, I had forgotten how good the music was. She and I have taken turns looking up songs and saving them in our music collections. I love discovering new music in all the various ways one can discover. It’s an endless quest, a neverending adventure, one that I never grow tired of. On the contrary, it is part of what makes day-to-day living a wonderful thing, for me.

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I’m all about embracing the things that make day-to-day living wonderful as I grieve and heal, and learn to let go and go on. I’m doing so much better. Today, the first thing (beyond coffee) that is making today wonderful is today’s song of the day, Nathan Reich’s “The Dream Song”as heard on “Parenthood”.

“The Dream Song” (live) by Nathan Reich
Originally from the album, All Night Pharmacy (2013)
Song of the Day

“A lost lover in the darkest water.
The moon is begging me to stay,
But, I know if I stayed here longer,
I’d travel farther away.”

I feel like this song belongs in a playlist with Alexi Murdoch and Sufjan Stevens, and maybe Cary Brothers. Nathan’s voice reminds me of music heard on the soundtracks to Garden State or The Last Kiss. It reminds me of that singer-songwriter genre I love so much. I look forward to discovering more of his music. I’m going to start with the album today’s Song of the Day is on – All Night Pharmacy.

Nathan Reich Song of the Day Lyriquediscorde

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