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“Over You” by Roxy Music

Roxy Music came into my life in the mid-80’s by way of Duran Duran. As a huge Duran Duran fan, and a burgeoning music obsessive, I would devour articles, interviews, and liner notes in the search for artists and bands that my favorites were inspired by. I wanted more music. I wanted to learn and take in and discover sounds that came before that I may have missed otherwise. It was an MTV guest DJ feature, with Simon LeBon and Nick Rhodes of Duran Duran where I first heard of and heard Roxy Music. It was the song (and video) “Angel Eyes”. I was enamored from the start and began my dive into Roxy Music and Bryan Ferry’s music. I’ve been a fan ever since.

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This week I’ve been binge-listening to Roxy Music’s 1980 album, Flesh and Blood, and re-falling hard for the songs on it. Today it was “Over You” that I kept repeating as I drove into work in the unexpected Southern California rain. The song speaks to me, especially since I am desperately wishing to be over him. Last night, and this morning more than the time between when he ended things and now. I just want over it. Maybe its the shift in emotions about it. The new stage of grief. But, I’m tired of hurting over this, and wishing it was different. It’s not different. It’s not going to be. I just want to be over it. And yes, I know it will take time, and I’m giving myself time, but if I could have a wish granted today it would be to be “Over You”.

“Over You” by Roxy Music
from the Album, Flesh and Blood (1980)
Song of the Day

“Oh, baby, 
this is nowhere. 
Wish I was somewhere –
over you.”

“Over You” was released as a single in early May 1980, before the release date of the album it’s on, Flesh and Blood, which came out a few weeks later. The song reached #5 on the UK Singles Chart. (from Wikipedia)

Roxy Music Song of the Day

Phil Manzanera (co-writer of “Over You”) recalled this (from Viva Roxy Music!):

“In 1979, I had just built my first recording studio and I rang up Bryan and asked if he’d like to check it out. We decided to have a jam together, Bryan on bass and me on guitar with a rhythm box. Within five minutes we had written this track and it reached number three in the charts.”

“Over You” (live, Top of the Pops, 1980) by Roxy Music

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