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“Aspects” by Paul Weller

Today is Paul Weller’s 60th birthday. Today Paul Weller released a new track, offering a present to his fans on his day. “Aspects”. It’s gorgeous. Honestly, it may be one of my favorite solo Weller songs I’ve ever heard. I played it at least 18 times already.

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Its arrival is bittersweet. Weller was one of our shared loves. We celebrated him as we celebrated us. We would have been celebrating this new song together if it hadn’t all ended last Friday. Its been a week. I still feel gutted and shell-shocked and broken.

I woke this morning wanting a better day. I felt all “fuck it”, and “get over it”, and “get on with it”, and “stop this wallowing”. And then this song. Yeah, I’m not ready for getting over it.

But, that doesn’t take away from the beauty of this song. I’m grateful for it, even though it hurts. Thank you, Paul Weller, and happy birthday.

“Aspects” by Paul Weller
Song of the Day

“It’s not in a holler.
It’s not in a scream.
You won’t find it,
under your feet.”

Paul Weller Song of the Day Nicole Nodland

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