Weller Wednesday – The Playlist, Part 1

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Weller Wednesday – The Playlist, Part 1
Weller Wednesday

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Paul Weller Playlist Weller Wednesday

“My Ever Changing Moods” by The Style Council
“Carnation” by The Jam
“Foot of the Mountain” by Paul Weller
“English Rose” by The Jam
“The Paris Match” by The Style Council, with Tracey Thorn
“Sunflower” by Paul Weller
“Life From a Window” by The Jam
“Above the Clouds” by Paul Weller
“Have You Ever Had It Blue?” by The Style Council
“Pretty Green” by The Jam
“Green” by Paul Weller
“The Changingman” by Paul Weller
“Private Hell” by The Jam
“Money-Go-Round (Parts 1 & 2) ” by The Style Council
“From the Floorboards Up” by Paul Weller
“Strange Town” by The Jam
“Shout To the Top” by The Style Council
“Friday Street” by Paul Weller
“Art School” by The Jam
“The Cranes are Back” by Paul Weller
“You’re the Best Thing” by The Style Council
“Wishing On a Star” by Paul Weller
“Wild Wood” by Paul Weller
“The Butterfly Collector” by The Jam
“Down In the Tube Station at Midnight” by The Jam
“Wake Up the Nation” by Paul Weller
“Woo Se Mama” by Paul Weller
“Come On/Let’s Go” by Paul Weller
“Up In Suzes’ Room” by Paul Weller
“Frightened” by Paul Weller

Weller Wednesday – The Playlist, Part 1

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